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Free Heroes 2 is a free and exciting turn-based strategy game for mobile devices inspired by the legendary Heroes of Might and Magic II game for PC. It practically does not differ from its prototype, and you can play it everywhere. Bright graphics, a simple control mechanism and exciting gameplay will drag you into the game and give you a positive charge for a long time.

List of Codes Expiration date
ZA4HXJ6CI0U August 31, 2022
W2Z05LMFUQ August 25, 2022
SL5F69BHZ September 6, 2022
B5EOTXMU8PS September 2, 2022
L8X73IVBC952 September 13, 2022
RN4S1X9FWVA September 16, 2022

The main task is to collect a wide variety of resources, fight enemies, conquer new territories and defend old ones. At the very beginning of the gameplay, you have to choose the race for which you will fight. Start building and developing your settlement. Erect new buildings and structures that will give you more opportunities. Build barracks and start creating your own army from different types of troops. Improve and supplement the abilities of fighters and make them invincible. You can learn magic and use it to enhance the defensive and offensive abilities of the army. Complete incredible missions of varying difficulty and unlock new maps. Play against artificial intelligence or choose an opponent from your friends list and prove your superiority in exciting confrontations.

Install Free Heroes 2 on your mobile device and enjoy the dynamic gameplay of the Heroes of Might and Magic II virtual world.

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