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Frozen City is an all-new city-building simulator that puts you in control of a frozen desert settlement in a post-apocalyptic world. Take care of gathering resources and maintaining the remaining society. Divide work responsibilities, explore the surroundings for proper supplies, send teams to dangerous areas for valuable special rewards, and try to grow the city. Survivors will be your main force in the game – make sure they have everything, or they will start protesting, and the whole settlement will be in darkness.

Frozen City Redeem Codes (2023 September) 1.7.1

7Nounzi8xxx Get Codes

All CodesExpiration date
JYO04IBM96KSeptember 22, 2023
76SKDO2WAJNovember 4, 2023
FUWYQP86SNovember 7, 2023
KBMSWRZCX6VOctober 3, 2023
ST52XH6CDQ43October 10, 2023
CW5GSYU2IAEOctober 31, 2023
VMPZFLARJWISeptember 27, 2023
NFS0P6GHEBOctober 2, 2023
3C5KSZL87November 13, 2023
EFXJ283GZC1October 12, 2023
CE2ZAP6WMYFDOctober 15, 2023
2PH45WQICBKNovember 7, 2023

Immerse yourself in the exciting development of Frozen City, allocating resources to build, research, and improve. Hire new residents and order existing ones. Build defensive structures, recruit scouts and attack teams, equip knives, pitchforks, pistols, guns, and other excellent weapons, wear armor, and assign skills. Do not forget to install the mod to earn coins and diamonds; with its help, everything will progress quickly; it is possible to build all sorts of unique buildings, conduct expensive research, and buy equipment and the most advanced weapons for workers and warriors. Explore abandoned settlements, collect components of necessary equipment, collect fragments of epic laser turrets, limbo defensive machine guns, rocket launchers, and more.

Download ( V1.7.1 )
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