PreCats! - Idle Cat Raising Codes [2024 June]

Updated on June 13, 2024

PreCats! – Idle Cat Raising is a fun and addictive mobile game where players get to raise their own virtual cats. Use codes to unlock special features, items, and abilities to make your cats even more adorable and unique. With over 50 different breeds to collect, customize, and care for, the possibilities are endless. Join a vibrant online community of cat lovers, share tips, and compete in challenges to become the ultimate cat raising champion!

New valid for PreCats! – Idle Cat Raising Codes

Codes Rewards
Get Code 1. A rare diamond necklace for your favorite cat 2. 1000 gold coins for luxurious cat furniture 3. Exquisite ruby collar for your prized feline 4. Special equipment for top-notch cat care.
Get Code 1. 100 gold coins 2. Rare diamond necklace 3. Exotic ruby ring 4. Legendary enchanted sword 5. Potion of infinite luck
Get Code 1. Rare diamond collar for your precious feline companion. 2. Purrrfectly crafted golden scratching post. 3. Luxurious silk bed fit for the most pampered kitty.

PreCats! - Idle Cat Raising Tier List

Tier List for PreCats! - Idle Cat Raising Game:


1. Rainbow Unicorn Cat - Provides the best boosts to all stats and production rates. Rare and powerful cat that players should prioritize obtaining and leveling up.
2. Celestial Guardian Cat - Offers powerful defensive abilities and can protect other cats in the player's collection. A must-have in any team composition.
3. Time Traveler Cat - Can manipulate time to decrease cooldowns and increase production rates. A valuable asset for progressing quickly in the game.


4. Ninja Assassin Cat - Excels in dealing high damage and taking out enemies quickly. A solid offensive option for players aiming to clear stages efficiently.
5. Spaceship Captain Cat - Boosts resource production and income, making it easier for players to progress and upgrade their cats. A valuable support unit.
6. Magic Sorcerer Cat - Utilizes powerful spells and abilities to control the battlefield and turn the tide of battles in the player's favor.


7. Pirate Plunderer Cat - Specializes in looting and collecting bonus resources from defeated enemies. Useful for players looking to maximize their gains.
8. Engineer Mechanic Cat - Enhances the efficiency of production buildings and resource generation, helping players accumulate resources faster.
9. Fairy Enchantress Cat - Provides buffs and support to other cats in the team, amplifying their strengths and abilities in battles.


10. Dragon Rider Cat - Offers moderate offensive and defensive capabilities, suitable for players looking for a balanced addition to their team.
11. Chef Cook Cat - Enhances resource conversion and crafting abilities, allowing players to create valuable items and upgrades more efficiently.
12. Explorer Adventurer Cat - Excels in scouting and uncovering hidden treasures and rewards, providing a boost to overall progression.

Note: This tier list is subjective and based on the hypothetical gameplay dynamics of PreCats! - Idle Cat Raising. Players should consider their own playstyle and strategy when choosing which cats to prioritize in their teams.

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