Codes New - Updated on January 22, 2023

Fusion Crush is a quirky mobile strategy game that features intense fusion-style battles. Challenge your friends and acquaintances or team up with them to repel a dangerous enemy. Your fighters here will be balls with different skills – choose them wisely, form military tricks and go to conquer numerous enemies. Several modes will be a worthy challenge for any player, so get ready to have fun and have a great time.

Fusion Crush
 Codes Wiki (2023 February) 1.11.10
All Codes Expiration date
I4P69XKW7JF February 2, 2023
Q60G2KWCHU January 28, 2023
XAO0LWF82 March 2, 2023
UWQ43DKV2G8 February 9, 2023
BVIC9QM47AGY March 22, 2023
OAHE72M1WTK March 2, 2023
4DJVRW03HU9 February 8, 2023
2MG53I1ALJ March 16, 2023
ZHKV1FBTL February 19, 2023
QZ7YW4E0VHF February 22, 2023
QELZRVSGI1OC February 4, 2023
PJ32GBCNDT1 March 14, 2023

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