Game New - Updated on January 15, 2023

An Idle RPG with An entire lot of Instruments and Your Distinctive Costumes! Proper right here, You Can Fight With Swords, Shields, Staff, and Bows Concurrently! Diploma Up Your Guardian Your Method! Alongside the Method, you can collect many Explicit Weapons and Instruments!

Mesmerizing and Spectacular Skills! Defeat Incoming Monsters with Extremely efficient Skills! Arrange Your Expertise Decks for Each Sport Mode – Remaining Brawl, Den of Boss, and plenty of others.! You Will Diploma Up Your Guardian to Defeat Monsters! How Far Can You Attain? Let Others Know Your Achievements in Stage Ranking!

Guardian Academy Mod APK 1.00.30 (Unlimited Money)

the game itself is addicitve and enjoyable but after finishing gatepass stages it became harder to get diamonds. also the probability of getting epic is too low. many suspects of the game being hacked or some players cheated. security should be more tighter on providing fair game play. hope to have more dungeon stages and higher levels of items.. Session expired error and cannot login. Really great game, good to pass time not p2w you can just enjoy playing how you feel.. One of Most basic game. I hope there's new updates. Horrible drop rate for epic and legendary equipments on dimension rift, you wont even get 1 piece even after using 50 tickets.. A little different from other idle games. Easily p2w if you care about rankings.

i cant play any advertisements, and at least you should put more distictions between each class, and no option to create new characters. I love the game but I would like to suggest the balancing of weapons! Seems like Staff(dual) are the best weapon right now because the game is Skill dependant and Staff users has the highest dps and low cooldown plus mana regen, on top of that you can Skill while walking so Normal atk weapons are very bad to compare. Now if you can implement Normal atk while still walking, that would be a great option for Bow/Sword user to maximize their dps. Thank you!. You have got to be kidding me, where is my account????!!!! I spent for diamonds on that account and after almost 2 weeks of playing it says create character!?. Account gone after restart game, already linked also. changed to 1 star, dimensional rift drop rate is way too low on lv150 items suggestion needs atleast pity system or guaranteed epic item on 100 tickets in dimensional pull update. hackers are in the game now. new top1ncheater, solomon event auto exits the game.

The game has potential but drop rate is so low. Uhmmm i gave 1 star until my problem is solved. I lost my progress after last patch ( even i linked my game season to google play account ) now when i enter the game it asks for a style of a new character, and i am unable to get on my old character.. The game has really a lot of potential but it lacks benefits to the players. The epic drop rate us too low. And there is no events. I hope there will be new updates for this game since it is really good.. Loving this game but i would recommend adding more events and other stuff to earn more diamonds and especially for the drop rate of items must set a bit high i order to gain them and adding guild system and friend list would be fun .. and finally the skill tree i hope you guys will add more .. . No Christmas event. Plus no New Years event. and no update. the dimention rift drops is worst.

Really bad drop rate plus everytime you watch ads just to get some free stuffs, it always says "session expired" and forces us to restart the game. Plus it usually fps drops like most of the time it just casually stops. It would be excellent if the monsters won't cover the hero on the screen, it'll be more satisfying to play if I can see my hero smashing, casting and throwing arrows more clearly.. not bad still looking at it. Love it. it's so simple, but still no idea what to spend gems on apart from tickets lol. Please be active as a devs we are hoping and supporting your game it has a potential so please add pvp,guild,pet, and give us diamond T-T.

drop rate is so low.. spent 300k dias and got nothing.. no pity system or guaranteed pull after a certain amount of pulls.. too bad the game has a lot of potential... good game edit: been playing for a week, still no updates on devs. gonna change ratings back if they have updates. we need events .game is good. It is a great game but will rate 2 star for now it has a potential also maybe you should add like CLAN, CRAFT, EVENTS, CLAN BOSS like that because its more fun playing with others. Ahaha, just play for 3 hour buy all starter packs and add, after log out and try login in, it crate new char again. Are my progress gone?.

Game has a lot of potential, but the devs should put more events any other things like guild and pvp system. This is a very great game hoping to add pets for battle and hoping that my acc will get lucky in drops i havent got any epic gears while others have. After update reset account, dont use guest account or will dissapear. my progress got deleted even though i linked it. Game is good but avatar need to pay.

need more improvement, boss so strong, and need gold rewards, we need guild system, and boss raid. Hack, cheat, bug shop. So bad. There is force close bug when buying ticket.. every time i try to buy the dungeon ticket, it said "session has expired" and ask me to exit game.

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