Game Mobile - Updated on August 5, 2022

Gunfire Reborn is widely accessible in all 3 game stores CHPLAY, Appstore, and finally Steam. These are popular stores for all fashion and PC. So it doesn’t matter what mobile system you have experience using. Moreover, they are curious and attract different customers to the Vietnamese entertainment market.

With game content that combines material about the content related to the story of the scene about the summoned beasts. One issue that will make an important impression on you is the content material. The compelling storyline can be the idea for the game’s distinctive gameplay. Try to interact in alternate harmful battles for riches. Along with intelligent achievements through experience. Be a great participant.

Gunfire Reborn

First time watching

With pretty good attributes Gunfire Reborn from the creators. We promise that gamers can have moments of intense gameplay. Because of the atmosphere and the fierceness of the gunfights. Can be designed and simulated extremely intelligently. To make customers feel like they are instantly engaged. So the character can be greatly appreciated.

State-of-the-art weapons

Selecting and equipping soldiers with the most effective weapons is basically. The weapons will certainly be divided. For example, as the main weapon, secondary weapon, etc. To help players take advantage of them flexibly to overcome opponents. In case you may fall into a situation where you are cornered by many enemies. Meanwhile, the gun you are using has run out of ammo. Quickly change secondary weapons for combat.


The Gunfire Reborn modes are paying homage to solos, crew battles, etc. Will be unlocked when participants complete the tutorials. You can use marked summoned beasts. These are beasts with intelligence and experience you’ve never had before. So do your best to beat different players in the vicinity.

Download ( V1.0.13 )
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