Codes New - Updated on December 10, 2022

Idle Kingdom Defense is an exciting mobile game with massive medieval battles. Enemies are attacking your kingdom, and it is time to give them a fitting rebuff. Gather a team of powerful heroes, hire an army and build defensive structures. Hordes of monsters led by huge dangerous bosses are moving towards your castle. Destroy them all and get valuable rewards.

Idle Kingdom Defense
 Promo Codes (2023 January) 1.3.2
All Codes Expiration date
D6RVUXFJEK4 January 20, 2023
FLM1A03T7O December 20, 2022
E4UNHLQA9 February 1, 2023
GAQ5VYU3DEW December 26, 2022
CV2IMJ6FAHQN December 16, 2022
SQ3BGPU0XWC December 26, 2022
5EDUQT4MC38 December 26, 2022
LU0B2QD594 January 9, 2023
9R0N2QG7Y January 14, 2023
TRPHM5S3F82 December 10, 2022
4B5EU7IM6TWZ December 24, 2022
6P1K0ORTAJX January 15, 2023

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