Codes New - Updated on December 16, 2022

Infinite Magicraid is an exciting magical adventure with a bunch of brave heroes and epic battles. Awaken the dormant power, gather a powerful squad and set off to conquer the uncharted lands of the ancient Lowes continent. Each of the heroes has its own unique characteristics, the right combination of which can achieve significant results. 5 vs 5 battles will let you prove yourself, train your fighting skills and become a real martial arts master. Get resources not only for victories in dashing battles, but also offline, without wasting your personal time on this – it’s much more convenient and easier to play this way.

Infinite Magic Raid
 Codes (2023 February) 1.23.0
All Codes Expiration date
CIY86PEXJ5L December 16, 2022
X7DSOWVQB9 January 8, 2023
BQCUZ0T2F February 4, 2023
2FJ3H0OYA4B January 10, 2023
ZXVP76M9U8FT January 1, 2023
GMQA9T7RNV3 December 20, 2022
79LMYBWVJ8K January 25, 2023
XFJ6KS2GI9 February 7, 2023
L2Y4PTSOA February 6, 2023
104NFLRU6WO February 8, 2023
0HOV35EQW4IG January 10, 2023
2WN0LSCMZHJ January 14, 2023

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