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Legend of Solgard is a very cool strategy game. Here you can take control of a massive army and lead it through this mysterious world of wars with legendary Bosses.

Legend of Solgard
 Coupon Codes (2023 January) 2.34.2
All Codes Expiration date
E9KUWYIRJ52 February 22, 2023
1BZA48FK59 February 19, 2023
LBHNPES5U March 12, 2023
OFCKU4G1XY3 February 18, 2023
AV83CTUBNJY9 February 23, 2023
NP0OD43Y5H6 March 2, 2023
VYSB537NR94 February 12, 2023
B0GLFZJ3MU March 7, 2023
7GRYC9Z0J March 9, 2023
JSB7Q23TANH March 10, 2023
H8VO51AZXCJY March 4, 2023
PQX2LFEWAUD March 3, 2023

The player will find himself in the fantasy world of Solgard, which has fallen under the utter influence of winter time, and now everything here is covered with ice and cold snow. It is also home to an incredible number of a wide variety of monsters and other creatures who are trying to win in the fight for their worlds. Players from Legend of Solgard need to try to prevent this Ragnarok and save everyone who really needs it. Try to stop this end of the world together with the heroine Embla, who gathers the strongest spirits together and will send them into battle against the army of terrible creatures from the otherworldly cold world. You will constantly fight evil and save the world from the apocalypse. Come up with the perfect strategy in Legend of Solgard to move on and defeat an army of terrible monsters and ice creatures. Improve the level of your own characters and send them to war. Explore the world of Solgark and learn about its secrets or mysteries. Fairy tale world of wars with Legend of Solgard Invite your own friends to the gameplay and arrange a clan war together. You must try the multiplayer mode of the game and fight against the great warriors from the dark side. Unite and reach the level of war against epic bosses, in order to destroy which you will have to make every effort. Legend of Solgard has very beautiful 3D graphics and visual effects. All this naturally gives a special pleasure to participate in the gameplay. Everyone can feel this, and such a huge variety of monsters and heroes simply will not make it possible to get bored with the gameplay.

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