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Los Angeles Crimes is a crime shooter game that will take place in a third-person mode, and the player will have access to huge opportunities and wide areas that will be really explored.

Los Angeles Crimes
 Discount Codes (2022 December) 1.6.1
All Codes Expiration date
G0YV3CWBLAS November 22, 2022
40JMQ3P76G January 16, 2023
MLFCYKU01 November 28, 2022
XV3LZ02HMY5 December 13, 2022
Z9HWMQ6SBIPR November 21, 2022
EWD834Y6M70 January 9, 2023
Q6OAM1KV05S December 10, 2022
LGYOHEFUJ9 November 26, 2022
RMIQ2E9N1 December 25, 2022
AMDH18NUP4G December 17, 2022
L49WJPQX8D3E December 25, 2022
Z7IDTURXSQC January 2, 2023

A completely open and criminal city in which absolutely everyone can try themselves as a sniper, ready to kill hundreds of enemies and earn rewards. It is very convenient to control your character in Los Angeles Crimes, thanks to the third person mode. You will be able to exercise full control and view all the points from where it is much more convenient to remove your next opponent. The crime city of Los Angeles is waiting for you Grab the most powerful sniper rifle and choose the perfect place for yourself, from where you can shoot at opponents and kill them, earning new rewards. The whole environment looks very realistic, and therefore you can easily plunge into this criminal world. Kill the leaders of gangs and mafias, earning more and more authority for yourself, and thanks to the ability to connect to the multiplayer mode, you will become a real soldier. Ride luxury cars, earn money, buy new weapons and just enjoy the story companies.

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