Game Mobile - Updated on May 10, 2022

Lying Flat and Survive is a great mix of RPG, old-school RPG, and puzzles with horror elements. The user is invited to find himself in the world after terrible mysterious events and try to save his life in these difficult conditions. Terrifying monsters roam the land, ghosts hover, dark wizards hunt for elves, the spirits of storms land, and our hero pursues his own goals in all of this. all this “glorious”.

Lying Flat and Survive

You must explore hundreds of buildings and basements, wander through alleys and bases, collect items and weapons, trade with different characters, complete interactive quests, repair, solve puzzles, find a way out of mazes, and craft more complex elements from basic materials. The game has a lot of fun and surprises, disguised secret rooms, and special events for those who want to get hold of extra limbo gear.

Lying Flat and Survive can familiarize you with the history of this gloomy world. Run through different rooms, enter houses, open cupboards, and chests, climb into storage boxes and move everything that might be useful in the future into your inventory. Trade with different fallen people, monsters, mayors of cities or install a mod to earn money and endless efforts, so that you never deny yourself anything, instantly Instantly get a backpack full of useful elixirs, weapons, amulets, and more.

Search or buy cards with lost artifacts in the vicinity, match elements of history and discover new places. Go to interesting places, solve amazing puzzles, and equip your brave travelers with different skills, auras, and imbued equipment.

Download ( V1.0.15 )
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