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Metal Force: Death Race – a cool racing action game from Extreme Developers. The developers did a great job and prepared a really cool project that I would like to immerse myself in for a long time. The project turned out to be insane, has many opportunities and allows any player to reveal themselves to the maximum. To play it was much more interesting, you can invite a few close friends. With them, you can immerse yourself in the confrontation and try to prove that you are the best.

Metal Force: Death Race
 Codes Wiki 2022 November 3.49.7
All Codes Expiration date
PQLF4OJH7SU January 2, 2023
USEWTLRC8A December 25, 2022
GUYWXE7JB December 2, 2022
UNPV04XGOSE December 2, 2022
NHKCRO70F69B November 7, 2022
402SX5PTIAQ November 28, 2022
05G4ZFBNQ3D November 15, 2022
AG3Z0DIXV6 November 20, 2022
1GLCD37I4 November 8, 2022
PK3OV1Z4EQA November 5, 2022
ZDIHQPX9Y2A3 November 14, 2022
NW2FARC3VYZ November 20, 2022

Compete with players from the United States of America, Russia, China and Japan. In addition, in the next updates, the creators of the game should add the ability to connect gamers from other countries. There are several game modes here. Choose the right style and go to pre-planned confrontations. Chat with other players, develop as quickly as possible and become one of the best. Collect the maximum number of points and find yourself in the first places of the world ranking. If you are sure that everything will work out, you need to download Metal Force: Death Race for Android and prove it! Tank battles in Metal Force: Death Race Choose the right tank for you and choose your own tactics. Choose a light or heavy tank, upgrade it, install additional weapons and strike. The developers have prepared several battle arenas, thanks to which you can immerse yourself in an unrealistically cool battle. The online game turned out to be multiplayer, it opens up a lot of opportunities for you and most likely will not let you tear yourself away from the device very quickly. Play in single player mode, in multiplayer mode, take part in tournaments and win prizes. But first you need to download Metal Force: Death Race on your android device, and then immediately proceed to the passage and discovery of new types of tanks or weapons.

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