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Updated on March 24, 2024

Mr Spy: Undercover Agent is a bright mobile action game in which you have to be in the shoes of an elite spy. Complete various secret missions full of dangers. Hide from surveillance cameras, break into safes, dodge lasers and bypass armed guards without them noticing you. For completing missions, you will receive game currency needed to improve the characteristics of your character and spy equipment. Try to defeat the strongest bosses and prove your skills to everyone.

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Codes Rewards
Get Code 1. Secret files revealing classified information. 2. Briefcase filled with gold bars. 3. Rare diamond-encrusted watch. 4. High-tech spy gadgets for covert missions.
Get Code 1. Secret dossier with critical information. 2. Briefcase filled with gold bars. 3. High-tech spy gadgets for stealth missions. 4. Diamond-encrusted spy watch with hidden camera. 5. Top-of-the-line sports car for covert operations.
Get Code 1. A briefcase filled with gold bars. 2. Top-of-the-line surveillance equipment. 3. A secret dossier containing valuable information on powerful individuals.

Mr Spy : Undercover Agent Tier List

Tier List for Mr Spy: Undercover Agent

- Mr. Spy (Main Character): The top-tier character with excellent stealth abilities, high agility, and a variety of gadgets to use in missions. His versatility and resourcefulness make him a formidable agent.

- Agent Black: A skilled operative with marksmanship and hand-to-hand combat expertise. He is a strong counterpart to Mr. Spy and is effective in both solo and team missions.
- Agent White: Specializing in intelligence gathering and hacking, Agent White provides crucial support for the team by gaining access to secure locations and disabling security systems.

- Agent Blue: Known for her tactical planning and strategizing skills, Agent Blue is a valuable member of the team when it comes to devising missions and outmaneuvering enemies.
- Agent Green: Expert in sabotage and explosives, Agent Green contributes to missions by creating distractions, causing chaos, and taking down key targets.

- Agent Red: Although skilled in combat, Agent Red lacks the subtlety and finesse of higher-tier agents. He relies heavily on brute force, which can sometimes result in complications during missions.

- Agent Yellow: Inexperienced and prone to making mistakes, Agent Yellow has a lot to learn to reach the level of the other agents. While earnest and eager to prove himself, his lack of skills and knowledge can be a liability in high-stakes missions.

This tier list is based on overall effectiveness, versatility, and contribution to the team in different mission scenarios in Mr Spy: Undercover Agent.

Mr Spy : Undercover Agent Codes FAQ

FAQ 1:

Answer: Gift code for Mr Spy: Undercover Agent is a unique alphanumeric code that can be redeemed in the game for various rewards such as coins, gems, or exclusive items.

FAQ 2:

Answer: Gift codes are often given out as rewards for completing certain in-game tasks, participating in events, or as part of promotional campaigns by the developers.

FAQ 3:

Answer: To redeem a gift code in Mr Spy: Undercover Agent, go to the settings menu in the game, find the "redeem code" option, enter the code accurately, and claim your rewards.

FAQ 4:

Answer: Gift codes in Mr Spy: Undercover Agent are a great way to get a boost in the game and access exclusive content without having to spend real money. Make sure to stay updated on any new codes released by following the official social media channels of the game.

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