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Mythgard is a new strategy card game that takes the player into a fantasy world filled with magic, amazing creatures and powerful heroes. Build your deck, power it up and go into battle with a variety of monsters. A large scope for strategic delights will please all those who like to calculate every battle to the smallest detail. Upgrade your heroes and defeat the strongest enemies in epic battles, getting valuable rewards.
Game Features:

 Promo Codes 2022 November
All Codes Expiration date
0FG3WXAO2N6 December 17, 2022
HU0M412XR7 January 9, 2023
60739TUZW November 23, 2022
SJFMLGUVPK1 January 4, 2023
3QSM0DC4ZOFJ December 12, 2022
6FH4STAD7J8 December 6, 2022
LCWH7V3T9NI January 18, 2023
A7MLXJWHN9 December 23, 2022
5GIQMYSC6 December 16, 2022
SJ3Q0IMZY9A December 20, 2022
ECK3O2WJF4YR December 14, 2022
DQ0VXWK1AMR December 6, 2022
  • over 400 cards;
  • wide opportunities for building strategies;
  • battlefield enchantment;
  • several modes;
  • great graphics.

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