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This is a fantastic saga that you can enjoy for a very long time and get incredible effects. Can download Nova Empire: Star Empire for android and take part in exciting space battles that have reached a new level of competition. Participate in the most exciting war for dominance in the galaxy. Capture new planets and develop your innovative technologies. Build as many modern spaceships as possible and use upgrades and effective strategy in your clashes with enemies. It will help you win a huge number of battles and seize power throughout outer space.

Nova Empire: Star Empire
 Coupon Codes (2022 December) 2.8.1
All Codes Expiration date
RP9HM3FKV14 December 5, 2022
U4I0EGOMJA November 17, 2022
VO7SE0LKH November 16, 2022
NKYADF1HPOM November 25, 2022
Q8H7EZDRLMIO November 23, 2022
NFG41M6AJC0 December 15, 2022
27NZH4GQD5V November 21, 2022
UEO7R4DMZA November 19, 2022
DZE2ONBT3 December 31, 2022
PM8CRABDTV9 December 31, 2022
5G640T3AB1Q9 December 20, 2022
1MPSZFUWIB7 December 1, 2022

Download Nova Empire: Star Empire for Android and every owner of a mobile device can enjoy all these benefits:

  • Large-scale multiplayer battles with players around the world in open space;
  • Innovative high quality graphics recreated in 3D and HD;
  • The ability to organize unions and alliances in order to organize the capture of new planets together with friends;
  • Large-scale opportunities for creating an individual strategy;
  • A huge variety of spaceships and military captains;
  • Original and high-quality musical accompaniment.

Fantastic story-driven adventure Immerse yourself in this futuristic atmosphere and start fighting through the game’s multiplayer mode. Come up with your individual strategy to win the battles with the heroes of open space. Create your own powerful army of spaceships and put military admirals at the head. They will help you destroy enemy armies and reunite with your friends. Organize an alliance, and destroy your rivals. Do not forget about the construction of your space station in wars.

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