Codes New - Updated on January 7, 2023

Ode To Heroes is an addictive RPG with nice visuals and relaxing gameplay. Here you will find hundreds of heroes with unique characteristics and skills that you can call to your banner. An interesting plot, a huge number of different tasks and tests, a lot of locations to explore – fans of the genre will surely enjoy this project.

Ode To Heroes
 Gift Codes (2023 January) 1.26.0
All Codes Expiration date
IB75208LXGK January 31, 2023
V4NB0RG25D March 3, 2023
WP6SAUGMO February 17, 2023
0XO2KH4JSGD February 20, 2023
PFUSLZ4MGC3T March 4, 2023
FNO91R84JMI February 15, 2023
ZFJUCKV1WT0 February 25, 2023
E714YVU9P8 March 6, 2023
YQ0GKD6TM February 27, 2023
MFK91E4J2RS January 20, 2023
E31FBTVMK4C0 January 11, 2023
C0TNE13HWKV January 20, 2023

Upgrade your heroes and look for rare equipment to make your squad much stronger. Experiment with tactics by combining different characters. You can also join a guild and, together with other players, go hunting for epic bosses guarding the most valuable treasures.

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