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Princess Salon – Choose a beautiful girl and help her turn into an irresistible princess with the help of the simplest beauty attributes.

Princess Salon Gift Codes (2023 September) 1.3.5

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All CodesExpiration date
DK0QGU6TE94June 2, 2023
DH0VIAOQRSJune 25, 2023
18P2Z7DSFJune 16, 2023
3R06KUS5F8ZMay 22, 2023
4O2TXFVD5GA1July 12, 2023
V4E06NO5PX2June 23, 2023
61FHYIS973RJune 4, 2023
2R3DGHL86SMay 24, 2023
U5BAYZO6JJune 4, 2023
MH7EXQOJ3G1May 26, 2023
I1CS3WROAMHYMay 25, 2023
JSN0ML5TO2AJuly 20, 2023

You can get a lesson in style, makeup, image by playing this application. You are invited to choose any of the four girls in order to transform her and turn her into a real princess, because she will have to attend a royal reception. When you open the application, you see the girls in front of you – these are Elena, Amelia, Thea and Jenny. You can choose the girl you like by clicking on her name. The girl will go straight to the spa, in a big bath. There you must wash her hair and tidy her face. Shampoo, scrub, masks, steamer, tweezers and powder are at your disposal. Step number two is the hairstyle, here your choice is also wide – you can collect the hair, you can dissolve and recolor. With a huge palette of shadows, emphasize the eyes, make up the lips with lipstick and highlight the eyelashes with mascara. Your heroine has a large wardrobe, there are outfits for all occasions, but you need the most beautiful one. And do not forget to decorate it with matching accessories and a handbag. Now you can go to an important event!

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