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This amazing and beautiful action game has a huge number of levels that you can play for many days. Try downloading Royal Revolt 2 for Android and you will definitely enjoy this exciting and innovative gameplay. Use your own strategy to achieve efficiency and get as far as possible. Collect as many items from these magical worlds as you can and upgrade them. You can collect tons of fantastic weapons and equipment, then to perform with all this in amazing wars against enemies from all over the world. You can give originality and personality to your hero and start developing the kingdom to scale.

Royal Revolt 2
 Redeem Codes 2022 October 8.4.0
All Codes Expiration date
FA89PIS31ZT November 11, 2022
SD4RC3P159 October 19, 2022
XAIQ01R6E October 8, 2022
QMV5UGHKIOB November 14, 2022
RYP0SHIEBTNJ October 11, 2022
KBJIARGYEPS December 6, 2022
6H8K9VAD17W November 29, 2022
4HAFBJ2YS7 November 19, 2022
3C17PVQZN November 23, 2022
VXELKGY7SPZ December 3, 2022
J5Q9TI1LR24S October 12, 2022
XLAUYJ1DVNO October 27, 2022

When you decide to download Royal Revolt 2 for Android, a global brutal war will begin, and you will enjoy the following features:

  • Amazing 3D image animation and high quality graphics;
  • A wide variety of types of troops and objects that will definitely help during the fights;
  • Building your own castle and a global system of improvements for all equipment and army;
  • Regularly updated multiplayer quests and events, in the victory of which you can win additional rewards.

Medieval fantasy wars Start recruiting legendary warriors into your army and make the defense of the fortress very powerful, because the attack will be made almost every day. You will have to equip all your warriors with the most modern uniforms and weapons so that they go into battle with a big advantage. Lead your troops to success and plunder the empires of your rivals, stealing gold and resources from them. All this will come in handy to improve your kingdom. Invite friends and create an alliance together, and then you can go on new captures in large teams.

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