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Saint Seiya Awakening: Knights of the Zodiac is a turn-based RPG with an exciting adventure storyline. Here you will join the knights of the Zodiac and together try to defeat the strongest opponents. With a simple combat system, where the moves pass in turn from hero to hero, even novice players can handle it. Learn your skills and apply them in time, creating a turning point in the battle and wresting victory from the hands of the enemy.
Game Features:

Saint Seiya Awakening: Knights of the Zodiac
 Codes (2023 January)
All Codes Expiration date
9OB6KGW4V3F January 1, 2023
IYAO98GHKQ February 14, 2023
FU6LVIBE7 February 22, 2023
IFX25ZPOBDC January 26, 2023
STADJKZM0XBQ February 15, 2023
8W462TSHR79 January 20, 2023
TURCXE2F0B9 February 27, 2023
W7BIJS0POR February 6, 2023
4YPLH6U2J February 1, 2023
PW1MAHBIJ9D January 26, 2023
ILUYF8VNMTX6 January 31, 2023
4M2QBKEHDN8 February 7, 2023
  • turn-based battles;
  • a variety of heroes in the team;
  • outstanding visual effects;
  • addictive gameplay;
  • fascinating plot.

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