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Immerse yourself in this space saga where you have to explore a huge space and assemble your unique team. Just decide to download Stellar Age: MMO Strategy for Android and enjoy this great new product. A truly global map of space territories will be available to the player for travel, and there they will need to try to get involved in a war for control. Space war is full of amazing moments and exciting stories as always. Use the ship and on it fly around all the planets until you find planets rich in resources that you can fight for.

Stellar Age: MMO Strategy
 Coupon Codes (2023 February)
All Codes Expiration date
EZM45967X8D January 21, 2023
HQ4UMWVRE8 January 11, 2023
ISMHQF4K5 December 18, 2022
J9THBEU0N31 December 27, 2022
NG7W25HOQ0RS January 14, 2023
VW7Y4GFKOJT December 25, 2022
XU4FHYA7T3N January 24, 2023
CNS57KHZW0 January 5, 2023
M30PSWFKO December 31, 2022
NZ8T1YJUOGD December 25, 2022
QTU6XA50JCBG January 7, 2023
LSDMEH9A6XV January 3, 2023

If you download Stellar Age: MMO Strategy for Android, it will be unrealistic to tear yourself away from the game with the following features:

  • Global multiplayer game mode, where players will meet with friends;
  • More than twenty thousand unique solar systems available on the player’s map for exploration;
  • Over 300 thousand space planets, where you have yet to visit;
  • A unique system for pumping and upgrading your space fleet and a dozen categories of ships;
  • A large arsenal of weapons and items to organize the defense of the ship;
  • Large-scale battles for world domination.

Multiplayer battle in space Start actively capturing new planets, and then mine them for useful resources and materials. This will help you develop on a serious scale. Constantly develop new technologies and use them to improve your spaceship and its weapons. This will help you easily emerge victorious from global wars with rivals. Every day the player will be able to complete additional quests and soar even higher in the real-time ranking. it will be your longest and hardest war between rivals online, where it will be possible to destroy the entire solar system and seize greatness.

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