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Talking Tom Gold Run is an endless runner game starring the most popular cat Tom and his friends. You have to collect gold bars that the robber stole. Like the whole series, this game features great graphics, nice sound design and addictive gameplay. Join Tom’s millions of fans and help him get back the stolen gold.

Talking Tom Gold Run
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In Talking Tom Gold Run you will have to dodge various obstacles by moving from side to side, jumping or rolling under them. Along the way, you will come across a variety of bonuses, some of them make it easier to collect gold, and some of them protect against collisions with obstacles. As you progress through the level, it becomes more and more interesting to play, because the speed of running increases.
After each mission in Talking Tom Gold Run, you will be able to spend the collected gold bars to build a house for Tom. The better the house, the more points you earn as you progress through the next levels. And when the house is completed, you will get access to a new world and a new character. You can unlock all your favorite characters including Talking Angela, Hank, Ginger and more.
Talking Tom Gold Run also has unusual rewards at each level that will help improve the abilities of your heroes. Collect them all to increase the duration of the bonuses, and then you can collect a huge amount of points and gold bars. Some rewards will allow you to save your hero and continue through the level if you stumble upon an obstacle.
Talking Tom Gold Run is also exciting because there are a variety of daily missions for which you will receive additional rewards. Make your Tom the richest cat by collecting gold bars, beat your friends’ records and complete the hardest achievements – this game will not let you get bored, even if you have spent more than a dozen hours in it.
The developers of Talking Tom Gold Run are constantly updating their product, quickly fixing bugs and improving the stability of the application. In addition, new worlds and new costumes for heroes are constantly being added to the game, so you will want to return to the run for gold again and again.
Features of Talking Tom Gold Run:

  • Endless runner with the famous talking cat Tom.
  • Bright graphics and pleasant soundtrack.
  • Beautiful locations and dynamic gameplay.
  • Build houses for Tom and his friends to unlock new levels.
  • Various bonuses and character upgrades.

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