Game Mobile - Updated on September 23, 2022

The Catapult 2 is a fun game with simple controls and beautiful intuitive graphics. The plot develops around towers and castles. Each player has his their lands. There is a city with defensive walls and towers. Enemies attack your land and try to get to the castle and destroy it. The main obstacle is the protective wall. It can be destroyed only with the help of a catapult.

The Catapult 2 (Mod Unlimited Money and Gems) 7.1.1

You need to destroy the enemy catapults with tower archers, ballista, or your catapults. Kill the gunner to reduce the quality of the attack. Destroy the mechanics of combat vehicles. This will minimize the damage done to the defensive wall and repel the attack. Each reflected attack gives you additional resources. In The Catapult 2, materials can be used to repair and upgrade walls, as well as upgrade weapons.

This will help him shoot more accurately and deal more damage. So you can quickly repel attacks or attack other castles and capture lands. With the help of in-game currency, you can improve the skills of archery warriors and gunners. This will reduce the reload time of the weapon and increase the speed and damage of the projectile. When playing with friends, you can join a clan and perform elaborate castle capture operations.

With the ad-free mod, you will get new features. Pop-ups will be disabled. Special rewards will be available to increase the number of resources after successfully repelling an attack or attacking the enemy castle. So you can quickly develop and occupy new territories.

New levels of weapon and equipment upgrades for your army will open. Such improvements will increase the combat power and survivability of the army. Reducing the cost of army updates and gun repairs can have a positive effect on the health of captured castles and lands.

Download ( V7.1.1 )
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