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The Tiger is the most colorful and realistic jungle life simulator. Here players will be able to try themselves in the role of real tigers and travel through the beautiful world of the jungle. Develop your beast to the maximum level and become a legend in this world.

The Tiger
 Codes Wiki 2022 October 2.1.1
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IGYL96MF2O4 November 4, 2022
VO21PA7MWB November 1, 2022
X8G3J9M7K November 15, 2022
K6SYIVFPBEJ October 20, 2022
EWG2Y68M5LVC December 4, 2022
I531HMYVNGR November 24, 2022
1DWS2BO60U7 November 19, 2022
JKPLV4ISEZ October 15, 2022
KH3WM15VS December 10, 2022
W0I7PVCX9UR November 2, 2022
LY4FQ05NROGX October 19, 2022
GT21EM806QZ November 11, 2022

You can start exploring this vast jungle world, where you will become a real tiger. Feel the power and strength of this wild animal in the most realistic and beautiful role-playing game. Follow the development of the personal characteristics of the animal and improve its abilities. Each player from The Tiger must try to become a legend of the jungle and seize power over the rest of the animal world here. Each participant can try challenges in several game modes. It can be a corporate game mode or multiplayer, where hundreds of heroes from all over the world face each other. Invite your friends to The Tiger and then you can play with your friends in this huge world. Players from all over the world gather here every day and they participate in the adventures of the wild world of the jungle. The entire gameplay takes place in real time, and in such an incredibly beautiful three-dimensional graphics, everything looks real and alive. The Tiger – Live Tiger Simulator Get an immediate feel for how the gameplay environment in The Tiger is truly made and meet tons of wild animals. Each of them is realistic and can develop their abilities. Gather in mighty flocks and go hunting every day. Here you can meet rivals, other tigers, or just go for the game successfully and bring it back for your kids. You can customize your tiger and make it a personality. For example, players will be able to enjoy playing as a white, Asian or even rare breeds of this predator.

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