Codes New - Updated on December 24, 2022

Troops 1917: Trench Warfare is an exciting mobile strategy game that takes you back to World War I. Command squads of fighters, hiding in trenches and fighting off ubiquitous enemies. Complete levels and unlock new types of military units. Stunning pixel graphics, simple controls and addictive gameplay from the very first minutes will give you a lot of vivid sensations.

Troops 1917: trench warfare
 Codes Wiki (2023 February) 1.27
All Codes Expiration date
OY2LED6H7TM January 13, 2023
V3ZO0KD812 December 31, 2022
OMX3AC9D1 January 24, 2023
W7LSTN0FRBD January 12, 2023
3AZB5YWKQI12 February 12, 2023
L7QVZYS2R5M January 5, 2023
VZ8SA6QJYND January 2, 2023
XEK0WROV7Q February 10, 2023
CQAMUYF7N February 1, 2023
RX768TF9NU4 February 10, 2023
7SFQE4NO2BW3 January 5, 2023
3OJ6GVUQ7ZC February 13, 2023

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