Codes New - Updated on January 7, 2023

War Alliance is a multiplayer war game and all fights in it will take place only in real time. Players can now be the first to try to accept the challenge, and then tell their friends.

War Alliance
 Gift Codes (2023 January) 1.105.109
All Codes Expiration date
80V4K1AQG6T February 5, 2023
MD34JVAY9U February 17, 2023
54MNH7TP8 March 7, 2023
RW9KO41E0LH January 26, 2023
7YXEJK4O219L January 19, 2023
DF93PBN2QH0 February 19, 2023
BLW019JMVS3 February 22, 2023
GV6Y9KBDZH February 19, 2023
5OY1V36CZ January 31, 2023
W5X43EZ2S9Y January 31, 2023
VL1CSRM6UHQI January 25, 2023
A2YPVUEMH4O February 15, 2023

A futuristic war game in which you will have to build your own army and hold off enemy attacks in real time. Invite your friends and find out together who has the best and most effective strategy. The War Alliance game has an incredible amount of various weapons, and all of them have increased power. You will be able to smash enemy defenses to pieces if you stock up on ammo. When you rush to the attack, try not to forget about defensive actions, as a result, which will help you reach a whole new level and become one of the best military strategists. Use rocket launchers, grenades and even resort to airstrikes. Move up the levels and collect as many soldiers as possible in your collection. Any of them will be most useful for War Alliance, especially for the goal of winning gold medals or stars for completing the next levels. War Alliance – online war and strategy More than fifty different cards will be available to players to participate in combat operations. They imprisoned all the combat power and strength of the military operation. Any map can be as useful as possible, because there are very powerful tanks, drones, powerful titans and even superheroes. Therefore, only by collecting an incredible number of cards in your collection, you can achieve superiority over your opponent. Be sure to create or join a clan so that it becomes possible to participate in global wars together. Together with friends it is much easier and the player will definitely feel it. Every day make your way further to the top of the leadership and try to become a folk hero in this virtual world.

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