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An excellent strategy that combines both war and mages will now be available on the mobile platform. You can download War and Magic for Android and try to take part in hostilities. Try to get closer to the enemy and inflict a crushing blow on him. Find out which of you is the wisest and bravest warrior in this vast world. The player will have access to a huge military world, which includes almost all possible weapons and characters. Take command of various heroes and go through this huge battlefield with them. You will be able to find a lot of monsters that will try to take away all the glory and success. Take part in global multiplayer wars when you can download War and Magic for Android. You are waiting for epic duels against other players from all over the world in a turn-based style. Try to find a huge number of monsters and exterminate their races in this global confrontation. Do not forget that there will be many more conquerors than you could imagine and soon there will be new warriors who are getting closer with every step. Try to protect your colony or alliance, which players can create for joint battles. Amazing military strategyChoose your choice of heroes or soldiers with personal skills. If they are warriors, then they know how to wield weapons perfectly, and magical monsters use spells in the war. Build a huge base on which new types of military equipment will be created and research new technologies. Research new technologies to acquire power-ups. Become a great colonizer and discover valuable relics. You will be given a huge army to manage and with it, the players can conquer the huge cities of this universe.

War and Magic
 Promo Codes 2022 November
All Codes Expiration date
M8H6J5U7LYI January 8, 2023
8NV3GXEJI0 November 28, 2022
DLKSNP1ZU December 12, 2022
56CNVDHBR7X January 8, 2023
291X56SU3KHO January 4, 2023
53RUBTXLZGS November 30, 2022
EWZHNKJ0FX4 December 11, 2022
B0JZVGM27P December 7, 2022
EMRL3UVBT January 3, 2023
824ZP31XC7S November 28, 2022
W8SKOH0ETJ73 December 1, 2022
JLXFSYE2NT9 December 16, 2022

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