Codes New - Updated on November 30, 2022

Zombies in the Fog is a new game about the world after the zombie apocalypse, in which you will have to try your best to survive. Here, millions of bloodthirsty walking dead will regularly walk around you, and each of them will certainly try to get to your brains. Test your moral and physical strength in this terrible place and prove to everyone that you are able to survive here.

Zombies in the fog
 Discount Codes (2023 January) 2.7
All Codes Expiration date
49UIHX7P3GE January 25, 2023
GN5Q1ZLS03 December 13, 2022
KG21Q0LP8 December 30, 2022
Y03H7PC2XQZ December 8, 2022
YPGQ7M05F8KU December 28, 2022
67IFOH19MD3 January 3, 2023
G5TFEZO7WQB December 12, 2022
5QR79XGVAH January 20, 2023
31ZILUP8J January 20, 2023
CL6MZGUABYP December 31, 2022
H3O4PGS67WUZ December 3, 2022
DNKCW2OQLSR December 7, 2022

In this amazing universe, the world is on the verge of extinction, and you only have the hope of salvation and some kind of weapon. Use all means at hand to destroy hordes of zombies and live another day. Excellent graphics, bright special effects, detailed musical arrangement and some other moments create an unforgettable atmosphere of the game, which every time you really don’t want to leave.

Game Features:

  • dynamic gameplay;
  • creepy atmosphere;
  • excellent sound effects;
  • high quality graphics;
  • convenient and simple control.

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