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Chronicles of Chaos is a fantasy RPG story that takes you into the chaotic lands of the Dominion, once a paradise. Now the Archdemon himself is aiming at them, and this will definitely not end well. Choose a hero that suits your style of play and go to protect these glorious lands. Fight against powerful opponents, getting valuable items and game experience necessary to improve your character.

Chronicles of Chaos Codes (2023 December) 1.184.301

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All CodesExpiration date
B1ZF4T7NLSVNovember 29, 2023
ODT4XVHSA6December 13, 2023
Z8JIUPFKONovember 28, 2023
ZF6M5LJ20RKDecember 29, 2023
O7FDIX5PZGVUDecember 13, 2023
MOBIH2VPESYDecember 18, 2023
NCKOUEXDTQ3January 11, 2024
AFY4GT6P2JDecember 19, 2023
ET50WVHL7January 13, 2024
O3FZIMA60D8December 8, 2023
2HT5XINYF3G8January 6, 2024
3DOL745BE8UDecember 1, 2023

In the Chronicles of Chaos app, you will upgrade the skills of the hero, making him stronger with each level. Using powerful abilities in battle, you can turn the tide of battle and defeat even very strong opponents. For especially dangerous enemies, you can get exclusive rewards that can make your character several times cooler. With such a hero, no monsters are scary, so do not hesitate – feel free to go to battle with legendary monsters to find the missing equipment.

All fans of advanced role-playing games will appreciate this application. The hours spent behind him will bring a lot of positive emotions from the gameplay and communication with like-minded people in the magical world of the Dominion. Explore this world and discover new places and opportunities every day, fighting against insidious enemies under the control of artificial intelligence, as well as in battles with real players.

Download ( V1.184.301 )
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