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Dead Empire Zombie War is a real-time battle method recreation in late trendy intervals. The story is about a group of distinctive and fascinating girls with entirely different life experiences who help the Allies wrestle in opposition to the invaders and the evil zombie forces created by the invaders inside the battle. You will play as a Commander inside the recreation. Observe extremely efficient troops and recruit gorgeous female Officers to information. Unite different Commanders to do away with the Invaders and evil zombie forces and finally acquire world peace by establishing a stronger Guild!

Dead Empire Zombie War Mod APK 0.42.0 (Unlimited Money)

Enjoying the campaign and zombie fights. I enjoy having a guild that truly helps each other and are more then just killing other players. New update an excellent tool... Why high power headquarter is easily defeated by small power headquarter maybe you have to buy buff or you buy bug..Thats why this time I realize this game is achy bad..this is a game of developer for you to buy buff wo huh huuuuu f..c u. This game is getting no new events or challenges anymore.. biozone is the same as it was... this game is dying. Everything is now BUY BUY BUY, even the research which was always just resources! Devs have become super greedy so if you do download, you're 3 years behind everyone else so don't expect to be competitive. I love the fluidity of the game. Despite paying options....the game works and has many upgrades and strategies to work with.

Fun game plenty of things to do and fun events. Awesome game ! Same game as kiss of war but with ZOMBIES !!!. Love this game and the sexy women. If you liked kiss of war this is the same but with zombies. 1st, the intro graphics are amazing, cool... but then it ends, and it seems to offer 3 countries to choose from. Picked USA but it still gave me a 'Natasha' with a accent ...and there is music playing louder then her voice, no way to turn it off or end tutorial. After reading other reviews I decided I've seen enough..

Like State of survival, but better in every way.. The tower should not easily extinguish after be burn its make rally for 3 min itls just waste of time and ppl with long spending time in game eventually win the game..fight matchmaking also bad the map consist with just 4 zone getting boring.... It's kind of a hard to foamed even tho it's an easy game it's just at not really spelled out to well instruction ways. I love this game its better than KOW SO FAR. I love the game This game makes me relax and no stress but Sometimes Lag Fix the lag pls.

In general not a bad game. Some intresting aspects and some regular ones. Definitely worth a try.. Lazy developer. Get same competitor, not only one, but 3 zone from last bio for next bio. Even when i asking to admin, there wasn't respond. Guess developer too wealth from big spender so don't care anymore.. Ummm...i think you broke your game...can't do nothing in it except scroll around base, no garages no hospitals no farms atall for oil food steel power just bare ground and no hud top or bottom and you can see the bottom of the game were water should be and does not show level of these things either...a fixer upper i think lol.. Crashes every now & then can't even level up or do something it will crash from tutorial the app crashes..just wasted time with this game..don't download. Like any other base Sim your not going to get far with the whales wiping you out. Unless you like to spend alorvof money don't bother. Finally quiting after losing everything over one whale..

Kiss Of War but with zombies.. Every time i want to create a guild it says error Guild name already Taken When its not it's very irritating please fix it also the game file is too big for me to update it please fix that as well. It's Kiss of War with zombies Neat twist, we'll see how it goes.. HDFC ur du fr rh HD df. Awsome game and the campaign is really good.

I play KOW I like that game. The Zombie version of KOW is awesome. It's basically the same concept just different music.. Do not play. Can't download most recent update. Always broken no response from devs ever.. Love it a lot but some researches take way tooooooo long to complete. Game glitches....a lot. Update: New updates seem to help on glitching. Over 700 days of consecutive login so we shall see.. DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME! DEVS HAVE MASSIVE ACCOUNTS AND THEY WILL CHEAT WHILE YOU'RE OFFLINE, MOVE YOUR BASE INTO ENEMY TERRITORY WITHOUT YOU KNOWING AND ATTACK YOU...SUPPORT DOES NOT HELP, HORRIBLE GAME AND EVEN MORE WORSE DEVELOPERS. Very in depth and absorbin with action and strategy. Good stuff.

There should be a way to get the base skin after the event also.. It's hard to be a Free To Play gamer these days, but, in soite of many challenges that come with all games like this, Dead Empire has become a gaming haven for me. Took me awhile, but watch out zombies, I'm passing by yet again (LOL)!. I like this game but I just started it so more later. my first times occupy reward suddenly all gone after server maintenance. Revert my information to last night.... It is not make sense.....After 1 weeks, still didn't take any action on their mistake. Now just reply a lot player complaint. Never think why player will complain them. Damn disappointed.. Im Prinzip einfach kow kopiert. Sogar die events.

I think it will be better if you add officer readiness vouchers just like kow and quick use option in resources. We our guild can not participate in Biozone events. The same person who has a tremendous amount of accounts bullies us. Please fix this so that we can participate in simple aspects of the game such as Invaders & cyclops. With constantly having no troops available & also no resources available we can not defend our guild towers. Please help us so that we can do these things that are crucial to our ability to compete against other gamers who have every advantage over us. Also there are many glitch. Untrustworthy game, latest scandal was erasing hours of data including bought packages, if you are thinking about playing this game then don't give them any money.. This game is awesome fighting game and you don't have to spend a dime to grow. But that's up to the individual.. Alot of improvements have been made to gameplay since my last review. I like this game better than it's suster game, Kiss Of War. Improvements in derails are always welcome.

Kid game definitely fun and doesn't eat your money. War for zombie like play try experience. Its god prom amam bilding and zombies ilik zombies iwana ret tit wan . Just fun. Try it and enjoy.. Good awesome game but please make improvements like this in kiss of war.

if u speak only English, you will feel left out. Game is better now I can get on it now. The sticky onion rode green on Tuesday.. Sexy beautiful soldier whats is redeemed code can i ask. It needs more building stuff more in depth character interactment.

Lagging is terrible in this game. seems OK so far after a day. Update - addictive! Joined a good guild with some very knowledgeable and chatty players. Hopefully they won't merge servers like Clash of Kings where people have spent 1000's to be impossibly strong and so ruin the game. EDIT: MAY 2022 - THE GAME HAS TURNED INTO A MONEY PIT. UPDATES ARE MOSTLY FOR PAY TO PLAY OFFICERS/BASE SKINS AND GAME BUGS IGNORED. I WOULD ONLY DOWNLOAD IF YOU WANT TO BE A FARMER OR HAVE A BIG WALLET.. Game is same as KOW, one who knows how to grow, f2p can beat p2p. But there are few features which makes it difficult to play. First, on fighting invaders damages are more. To beat lvl 6 cyclops even 30 million power is not enough. March speed of troops is slower. If these things can be made same as KOW it would be a better experience.. It's pretty fun. Just like Kiss of War but with Zombies and some new features. Though I do wish you could transfer your earned Heroes from Kiss of War to Zombie Empire as it's basically the same game almost. It would be great if Events went on longer than a week. Unless you're willing to spend hundreds, you won't ever get the top Event items like new costumes and bases. I LOVE THIS IS ABSOLUTELY BEST STATEGY GAME!!!!.

Started playing KissofWar a while back, but this game does literally every thing better. Really makes me wish that they put a little more effort into that game. It's very fun. The graphics are nice and very detailed.. Since yesterday I can't log in anymore. It only goes to 40% and then get stuck there. There is nothing wrong with my wifi strength.. Awesome game just give a button to donate all 20 at once and the same with recommended mission rewards. I like the game. The only thing is we need more golden gift.

Takes up a lot of your time if you want to grow in the game. Money is a big help as with most games if not time and more time will be needed. Graphics good,battle features good, farming could be made to be automatic which would help everyone.. Kiss Of War with Zombies. Enjoy. Good game ... but recently im having connection problems ... my internet is the same but its nearly a week that the game stops at 40% loading screen and errors to find a better connection ... plz fix this bug its irritating . Very similar to KoW...I like it a lot. Even if half the advertisement, was there in the game I will give them not one, five star ...

How can I get my account back so I can play. Really enjoy game camaraderie with other players!!. Keeps me in the game its fun. Since the introduction of Biozone the game has been having serious issues with going down without server maintenance announcements and if you have troops out oops you just lose them. Also research times keep jumping back and forth without any reason why and lastly now the game has for no reason changed how many people can be in a guild causing all guilds to be over in guild members. WORST GAME HELP I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!. Not for single player have to join others to progress.

I'm not a very happy person right now. This game has a very bad glitch in it. I don't know how you expect me to play the game when I can't even play it due to the glitch. I can't do any events, because they're not showing among other things. I've had this problem from the beginning when I first started playing the game. Now I wish that I never started.. Its rly cool to play highly suggest. The chat socks and hardly works. Good game just that I think they used the same story as kiss of war just zombie version.

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