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Updated on March 18, 2024

Name Disco Elysium MOD APK (High Damage)
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The main character – policeman Harry Dubois – goes to the small town of Revanchol. Here he receives a detective task, which involves interviewing witnesses and capturing the criminal. Communicating with the inhabitants of the town and using various tools, the user must find and arrest a brutal killer. At the same time, the hero must also develop skills and pump character traits that lead to different endings of the story.

In the center of the story is not only the policeman, but also his partner Kim Kitsuragi (Kim Kitsuragi). He helps the hero explore locations and communicate with witnesses. The player will also need to participate in the case of a teenager Kuno (Cuno / Kuuno de Ruyter): he is the main supplier of information about the crime scene. Important characters in the story will be the trucker Ruby (Ruby), Joyce Messier (Rejoyce Leyton-Messier), Klaasje Amandou and others.

Gameplay Feature

Unlike similar games, Disco Elysium lacks large-scale battle scenes and gunfights. The whole gameplay is based on the sequential completion of quests, for the successful completion of which the hero receives experience points. They need to be spent on improving skills: psyche, intelligence, motor skills and physiology. Depending on the level of this or that ability, the hero can unlock additional skills that will be useful when conducting a conversation.

Dialogue mechanics is the main component of the gameplay. To progress through the story, the player must communicate with people, collecting useful information. At the same time, conversations help the policeman to restore his own personality, which was lost as a result of amnesia. As you progress through the player will also fill in the so-called. “locker of thoughts” – all available reasonings are accumulated here. If the thought from the “locker” was carefully considered, then the hero receives additional temporary bonuses.


Despite the fact that there are almost no fights in Disco Elysium, the equipment system is actively used in the detective. The equipment that a policeman puts on influences the attitude of the characters towards him and can lead to different consequences. To find clothes and weapons, the player can explore the various areas of the town, as well as shop at the store. If the hero wants to look more personable, then he needs to find a police ID and a gun.

Analogues for Android

At the moment, detective Disco Elysium: The Final Cut does not have a mobile version. As a replacement, users can download a similar application to their phone: Grim Wanderings 2.

Grim Wanderings 2

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