APK - Updated on January 9, 2023

The hero in the form of a pizzeria security guard goes to the fascinating world of Five Nights in Anime: Remastered. Here, cute animatronic girls are already waiting for him, ready at any moment to pounce on the player and destroy him. To escape from active anime robots, the user must lock the doors and ventilation in time, as well as track down the movements of the villains through the cameras. If the player wisely uses all available opportunities, he will survive and go home to rest after a hard night.

How to pass the level

The guard takes over his post at 12 o’clock at night; at the same time, anime animatronics start hunting. They move around the institution in search of an office where the main character lives. To protect themselves from the attack of robotic anime girls, the player must close the doors and the ventilation passage. Each of the doors in the guard’s room leads to a different part of the building, so the hero needs to know exactly which door to lock.

Difficulties passing add limited energy reserves. It is needed to lock doors, activate cameras, and illuminate, with which the player can detect anime dolls if they are standing under the door. As soon as the energy runs out, the animatronics enter the guard’s room and attack him. However, instead of the usual screamer, the player watches an interesting video featuring an anime girl in an animal costume.

Update Features

From the main modification, the game FNIA: Remastered (FNIA: Remaster) differs in improved graphics and detailed character images. In the updated version, the costumes of the anime girls have changed, so they only vaguely resemble the animatronics they knew from the original horror. The appearance of the guard’s office has also been improved: new posters and posters have appeared in it. Improvements have also been made to the soundtrack – both for screamers (jumpscares), and for the usual stay in the room.

mobile version

As of today, Five Nights at Anime: Remaster cannot be installed on Android devices. As a replacement, users can download similar applications to their phones: FNIA 1 and FNIA 2.


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