Codes New - Updated on December 12, 2022

Heroes of War Magic is a new mobile strategy game with epic turn-based battles. A spacious fantasy world in the format of old-school games will be a real outlet for all connoisseurs of the genre and people who are simply ready to think with their heads. Create your own powerful empire and strive to conquer all other players on the global map. You will definitely like the variety of pumping, equipment, artifacts, types of units and the rest.

Heroes of War Magic
 Codes (2023 February) 1.7.5
All Codes Expiration date
HMQWG96F75S December 20, 2022
M3SK865P4H January 31, 2023
YXQMIHPO5 February 9, 2023
KMUQBJ1H3OL February 7, 2023
YSLM3WXCP5K2 February 2, 2023
V49YG8LZSUH January 9, 2023
L1CX5NW3DYR December 22, 2022
K7R8QIJP3Z December 22, 2022
UETJYXZ09 January 22, 2023
2I9GQB0DUC6 December 20, 2022
GSQC1Z2E6VIM December 25, 2022
V9IM0O7PEKQ January 11, 2023

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