Little Nightmares 2 MOD APK (High Damage)

Updated on March 21, 2024

Name Little Nightmares 2 MOD APK (High Damage)
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The plot revolves around two small children – Mono and Six, the main character of the previous part. Mono accidentally ends up in the house of a dangerous Hunter who has taken Six prisoner, but the boy frees the heroine and goes with her to the Pale City.

Here he will meet many distorted monsters exposed to television broadcasts. Watching the hero, the player will move around the world, destroy enemies and solve riddles.

Controls and gameplay

As you progress through the user will explore the nightmarish world, using all available means. Interacting with various objects, Mono will gradually move forward in the story. Unlike the heroine of the first part, the boy can take some objects and use them as weapons. Mono also has a flashlight that illuminates the surrounding area and blinds certain enemies.

The sixth is controlled by artificial intelligence, but it can help the main character. Intuitively, the girl will push heavy boxes or solve riddles that cannot be solved alone. Together with Mono, Six can speed up her movements by using televisions as portals. Also, the heroine will take part in a secret task, which opens after unlocking.

The developers have added additional chapters and variable endings to the main storyline. It depends on the actions of the protagonist, as well as on the success of collecting game shadows in the Pale City, whether the player will be able to see the hidden final episodes. In addition, a special post-credits scene was placed in Little Nightmares 2, which can also be unlocked if certain conditions are met.

Analogues for Android

At the moment, Little Nightmares 2 cannot be downloaded to a phone. As a replacement, users can try a similar app: Very Little Nightmares.

Very Little Nightmares

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