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The Selfie Star is a social media prima for girls who don’t mind having fun playing mobile games. Here you will need to become real fashionistas in order to rise on a selfie and show a gorgeous photo to your friends.

Selfie Star – Social Media Prima
 Promo Codes (2023 February) 1.1.3
All Codes Expiration date
Z8P0URBDM4F December 16, 2022
B57DUZ0M1Q December 27, 2022
UZTISA5C6 January 14, 2023
MGV2PLUFIEX January 22, 2023
LD9QRU6S2WBM January 13, 2023
MN7UDH3R4AQ January 7, 2023
U0KNLTJ6RQ9 December 16, 2022
NT1X47UMF0 February 6, 2023
3T9P6CN1V February 12, 2023
LA569URP1NE January 24, 2023
4FYEDH3ZWJU9 February 12, 2023
4WAFP5QSXUH February 8, 2023

If you no longer understand why dress up your fashionista in games where no one can look at her, then meet the Selfie Star – Prima of social networks. Thanks to the possibilities of this gameplay, it will be possible to become a real queen of social networks and create an incredibly beautiful selfie. Share the photo you took of your beauty with your friends and let them rate it. You can choose from tons of different outfits and outfits to create your own chic model and take your first ever selfie with her. Try on the best outfits and post your photo to get a huge number of new followers in the game Selfie Star – Social Media Prima. Try to blow up this world of virtual social networks with your photos and prove your superiority in design and modeling. If you have long dreamed of becoming famous and becoming a star, then this chance has come and it will not be missed. Let your dressed-up model look chic against the background of other selfies. Selfie Star – Social Media Prima game for real fashionistas In this exciting game for girls, there are really a lot of different fashionable and modern things that you can dress your model in, making her look amazing. Naturally, to give a special chic, you need to use a set of accessories. I wonder what image you will be interested in in the Selfie Star – Prima of social networks, because there are a lot of them. Choose for yourself, because you are a creative person. After taking the first selfie, there is an opportunity to take part in special contests and win the title of queen of social networks.

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