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Tasty Blue is an Android toy, vaguely reminiscent of Hungry Shark, where the player must assume the role of a shark and complete certain tasks. Things are a little different here. The game begins with a little girl bringing home a new pet – an aquarium fish, they gradually grow up and run away from their owners.

Tasty Blue  MOD APK (All Unlocked)

This is how she gets into the ocean, where all the fun begins, namely you have to control the main character’s movements and feed her. And if at the beginning of Tasty Blue you can only eat small shrimp, then gradually your ward’s prey will be small fish, then larger fish, dolphins, then killer whales, penguins and many more other inhabitants of the underwater world. As you already understood, your heroine will grow by absorbing others.

You can track its development on the scale located in the upper left corner of the screen. Each fish eaten will have a different effect on the growth and size of your heroine. So, over time, she will be able to eat not only the inhabitants of the depths, but also seagulls, divers, vacationers, helicopters, houses and even ships. Her hunger is hard to satisfy, and her appetite is only increasing by the minute.

The more loot you collect, the more rewards await you at the end of each level. As you play, grow and achieve new results, you will be able to discover new characters, such as a shark or even a dolphin. But a hacked game opens up a bigger opportunity for you, where everything is open and ready from the very first moment.

Management in the game is made as simple and clear as possible. Everyone can play it without exception. Just install this android toy on your mobile device and start creating your own monster. You will definitely love the game. It will help you relax and just relax after a tiring day.

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