The Legend of Tartar Codes [2024 June]

Updated on June 13, 2024

“The Legend of Tartar Codes tells the captivating tale of a mythical kingdom shrouded in mystery and secrets. As the protagonist delves deeper into the ancient texts and symbols, they unravel a series of cryptic messages that hold the key to unlocking unimaginable power. The journey is fraught with peril, as dark forces seek to thwart their progress. The fate of the kingdom hangs in the balance, hinging on the deciphering of the elusive Tartar codes.”

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Codes Rewards
Get Code 1. Legendary sword of Tartar, imbued with ancient power. 2. Chest filled with gold coins and precious gems. 3. Enchanted amulet granting protection and wisdom. 4. Diamond-studded armor forged by the gods themselves.
Get Code 1. Enchanted sword of Tartar 2. Bag of shiny gold coins 3. Rare ruby necklace 4. Diamond-studded armor set 5. Potion of unlimited power
Get Code 1. A legendary sword of Tartar with mystical powers and exquisite craftsmanship. 2. A pouch filled with rare gems that glow with an ethereal light. 3. A chest containing a substantial amount of gold that gleams with untold riches.

The Legend of Tartar Tier List

"The Legend of Tartar" Tier List:

S Tier:

1. Flameblade Mage - The most powerful character in the game, with devastating fire magic and high agility. Capable of clearing out hordes of enemies with ease.
2. Shadow Assassin - A master of stealth and quick strikes, able to take down enemies without being detected. Possesses high critical hit chance and evasion.
3. Thunderlord Warrior - Wields a massive warhammer infused with lightning, dealing area-of-effect damage and stunning foes. A formidable tank with high defense.

A Tier:

4. Ice Queen Sorceress - Manipulates ice magic to freeze enemies in place, then shatter them with powerful spells. Offers crowd control and high burst damage.
5. Earthshaker Berserker - Unleashes seismic attacks that knock back enemies and create shockwaves. Great for disrupting enemy formations and dealing heavy damage.
6. Windstorm Ranger - Expert archer with exceptional accuracy and speed. Excels at picking off targets from a distance and kiting enemies.

B Tier:

7. Water Priestess - Healer with powerful restoration abilities and protective spells. Essential for keeping the team alive during tough battles.
8. Light Guardian - Uses holy magic to shield allies and banish dark entities. Provides support through buffs and debuff removal.
9. Nature Druid - Commands the forces of nature to summon creatures and control the battlefield. Versatile class with healing and offensive capabilities.

C Tier:

10. Bloodmage Necromancer - Harnesses dark magic to raise undead minions and drain the life force of enemies. Fragile but can deal massive damage under the right circumstances.
11. Stormcaller Enchanter - Manipulates the elements to cast damaging spells and weaken foes. Requires precise timing and positioning to be effective.
12. Time Weaver Sage - Controls time magic to slow down enemies and speed up allies. Tricky to master but can turn the tide of battles with well-timed abilities.

Note: This tier list is based on a combination of individual strength, utility, and overall effectiveness in different scenarios. Players may find certain characters more suited to their playstyle and team composition.

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