Till Dawn:Survival Codes Wiki [2024 July]

Updated on June 8, 2024

Till Dawn: Survival is an intense game where players must navigate through a post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies. To survive, players must utilize various codes to unlock new weapons, resources, and abilities. These codes can give players an edge in the game, helping them to outsmart and outmaneuver the undead hordes. With each new code discovered, players can enhance their chances of making it until dawn and living to fight another day.

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Codes Rewards
Get Code 1. Legendary sword - +5 attack, +3 defense. 2. Pouch of 100 gold coins. 3. Diamond-studded shield. 4. Potion of invincibility - grants temporary immunity in battles.
Get Code 1. Golden sword, +50 attack power 2. Bag of 100 gold coins 3. Ruby amulet, grants fire protection 4. Diamond-encrusted shield, +30 defense 5. Potion of invisibility, lasts for 1 hour
Get Code 1. A glowing sword with powers to vanquish darkness. 2. A chest filled with rare gems and gold coins. 3. Magic elixirs for enhanced strength and agility.

Till Dawn:Survival Tier List

Sure, here is a hypothetical tier list for the game "Till Dawn: Survival":

S Tier:
1. Sniper Rifle: High damage, long-range weapon that is perfect for taking out enemies from a distance.
2. Medkit: Essential for healing and surviving in tough situations, especially during boss fights or intense combat.

A Tier:
1. Shotgun: Powerful close-range weapon that can easily take out multiple enemies at once.
2. Flamethrower: Effective for crowd control and dealing with groups of enemies.

B Tier:
1. Assault Rifle: Versatile weapon with moderate damage and decent range, suitable for various combat situations.
2. Grenade Launcher: Great for dealing with groups of enemies or causing massive damage to bosses.

C Tier:
1. Pistol: Standard sidearm with low damage but infinite ammo, useful as a backup weapon.
2. Machete: Melee weapon with limited range but high damage, useful for close-quarters combat.

D Tier:
1. Taser Gun: Low damage, short-range weapon that is useful for stunning enemies but not very effective for dealing damage.
2. Baseball Bat: Melee weapon with limited range and moderate damage, only useful in very close-quarters combat situations.

This tier list is based on the hypothetical power and effectiveness of each weapon or item in the game "Till Dawn: Survival". Players may have their own preferences and playstyles that could affect the ranking of these items.

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