Codes - Updated on August 27, 2022

Are you a city planner or a farmer? Or maybe both talents are combined in you? The fascinating game Township will help you figure it out. Bright graphics and addictive gameplay will not make you bored.

List of Gift CodesExpiration date
RXPU8QEAJYFSeptember 18, 2022
53RZ4KW692September 10, 2022
UQELK4RG2September 16, 2022
3QEZ28GYSLFSeptember 9, 2022
XWB0T54NGE8KAugust 15, 2022
HQYKW9PNZDISeptember 29, 2022

Realize your creative potential. Build a city according to your own blueprints, the way you imagine it in your imagination. Harvest ripe crops on farms and send them to factories for further processing. Sell ​​the resulting products and use the proceeds to develop the city. Visit overseas countries, make friends with their inhabitants, establish trade relations and purchase exotic goods. Open cozy cafes, chic restaurants, modern cinemas and other buildings. Decorate the streets and parks with statues and monuments. Make life in your town colorful and varied. Fulfill the wishes of the residents, make sure that they are always happy and comfortable. Explore the underground mine, get rare resources and collect ancient artifacts. Do you love animals? Then gather various representatives of the animal world from all over the world in your own zoo.

Are you ready to create the city of your dreams? Then install Townshi on your gadget and start a large-scale construction.

Download ( V9.4.0 )
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