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Get hold of CarX Rally without value to take the possibility to develop right into a legend of rally racing. Take your favorite vehicle anyplace you want and luxuriate in going off-road. What to anticipate? Go from stage A to stage B; nevertheless, don’t miss any checkpoints. You’ve purchased to be brave enough to get to the highest of the race.

CarX Rally Mod APK 18916 (Unlimited Money)

It is really fun and the camera angles are so epic but it would help if you could chose the camera angle in the replay. The best rally simulation ever !. very good game. Wow. I've been looking for a realistic simple racing game, and this hit the nail dead on. There are pay walls, but the game is free to play still. People who do buy the stuff in this game are the main reason why it's still free to play. Shout out to those who buy stuff in game, you keep these games alive!. SSuper.

Good game but you can do more better.. I really want to give 5 stars, but, it needs lot of improvements. Lot of tracks and the expected timings are very unrealistic and are possible to come #1 only with a robot or ai. There are 0 margin for error and still you can't come #1 with all upgrades. And game becomes boring to restart the championship because of this. Tire upgrades are useless,car keeps drifting. Upgrades also are very costly compared to rewards. Tuning is of no use no one uses it.. . The best game. Stages that make no sense, unrealistic calls.

Very good game but sometimes doesn't work. It doesn't work please fix it. It's not online. Ok. Good game.

What a perfect game. I have never enjoyed any type of car games even on consoles and Pc except CarX Rally on my phone. I Have no words How much I enjoy this game when I am bored. But this game has one Big drawback you cannot play against real online players.. Very nice game overall. Gameplay is addictive due to the strong mechanics of real rally race. I would like if the rewards are a bit greater on the championship races.. Love to play it. Going good so far ......

I like how this game is full of intense action however, the cars are too expensive and from my experience in the challanges, very hard to drive . I mean the evo is impossible to mangle in the gravel considering it wants to kill you on every turn with its twitchy handling ,the subaru as well but its a little more bearable. So please fix that and also add some more cars I mean c mon the rally world is more diverse than that for example, other rally games have the older subaru and evo . Not bad pretty good ngl . Love it. Good. This game is great rally game but it could do with some improvements. Like: Putting a free practice with all the rallys and pick stages especially the ones in career or online like in wrc 10 or generations with that i would also like to have multiple tune preset where you can save multiple tunes when you start any stage you can pick a tune from your preset. Would also like more rally cars, snow rallys, rally with different surfaces eg. Stage with tarmac and dirt together & improve car interiors.

Pay and wait damage system and pay to win. No matter how good you drive, without ton of upgrades, you'll loose.. wont run, crashes. Increase chances of earning cash to buy another ride and upgrade. I really like the game but its taking too long to advance and i have to repeat championships to earn. Terrible physics and overall not fun. Send it!.

Its fun to play when youre bored or have no internet/wifi. Gets really repetitive and i wish you didnt have to grind just to get iconic rally leagues like group b. I don't know why but I don't see the controllers in driver license. I can't continue the game.. shockingly bad for a CarX game, terribly optimized. most racing games i can play smoothly at medium graphics. rally still has really bad frame drops at the lowest settings. this combined with the input lag makes it near impossible to stay on straights going faster than 80kmh. sensitivity settings have no noticeable effect on gamepad, it's always overly sensitive. physics are unrealistic, feels like the road is made of plastic and covered in baby oil. This game lags alot and takes alot of time to load great potential but bad effort. This game has literally became my second favorite game i love everything about it my first is minecraft but yeah Its a nice game.

This is a great game really good, great fun andfeels very realistic. Only thing is there's a small bit of audio lag when playing with sound, so engine sounds on a gear change happens very slightly after the buttons actually pressed. Threw me off the first time. pretty good. The game is alright. But there are some problems like no co driver, game being super laggy on low settings, environment seeming rushed and unfinished, lack of a sense of speed and danger, no pace notes, no turbo, antilag, or blow off valve sounds, car sounds can be improved, and crashing is boring. Some suggestions I have are camera shake at high speeds, motion blur, detailed damage system, and more iconic rally cars.. Nice !Thanks for game editors.Good luck. Paras Kumar.

Its good .. looking forward to multiplayer. It is cool makes me sped out. AMAZZINNG GAME. Good racing game for mobile alot to do with customized cars. Shailesh.

brutal. Don't download it. Plz add real graphics. Game tolol. This game is not started i restart the game at 6 times but the game is started very bad game do not play this gam3.

Its a nice game and my son also likes the game both of us play this game so other people must also play this game. It keeps changing my settings to gamepad for some reason every time I leave settings then begin to race,even though there's no gamepad connected,pls fix this. Ili. Nice ;). . 0 .

Very good but improve graphics. Good game l love it. Azjdbi net Lage net net. Pucha Ang pangit Ng larong ito.... Nice game to play with controller .

Nice game. Good game. Love it. They added controller support for Android!. The new night lighting is horrible, I couldn't see the track at all which is very hard to navigate especially with the high speed cars. Please do optimize the game especially on the terraform loading screen, it crashes sometimes. Anyway the game is amazing especially the controller support..

Trash.was stuck in clouds going 7000km/h.. Gindi boring. Very bad game worst experience My device with good prosessor gets stuck.. Viruses are in this game When you installed mobile give automatically lagggg Ever worsted game in my life. It's fun I wish there was looped tracks.

Late downloading. Great game good physics just needs more cars. uu. the fantastic. Really best rally game that you can find on your phone. For those who like realistic feeling of physics. 10/10.

ok good. No optimization for older phone. I like the way the game looks . Good. I love this game.

Very nice . Good game,needs more events and also multi-player. Awesome!!!. Almost everything is very good about the game except for the controls. The tyre grip are terrible. In corners car slides like a hovercraft or boat. Fix the tyre physics/gripping and this game will be excellent.. good.

Best gem nex gem plz. It keeps crashing. Very realistic and entertaining to play. Good game. Ngam no ti gim. Bread.

this game is owsome.. The win price so low, so takes time to upgrade car and class. But the gameplay so good.. I. Love your game. It would be cool if we repair the car, instead of waiting, IMO. I love it. Im paying for game service because of it's being so realistically enabled by making changes ,enhanced by every thing you change on the car. An extremely good game. I couldn't play for a month or two and was very happy when I saw it come back to being playable. Thank you for this thoughtful insightful game and knowing what adjustments that can be made which enabled the person playing to edy ate themselves with your game. Love it.

Please update the audio of every car and the co driver. Cant install it. . Wander full. It will give a better experience of participating a rally race.

Controls are terrible no auto throttle for arrow steer. Best mobile rally game I have ever played. Love the time i spent on the game The control are just fine but i would like a option to turn off steering assist so that i can experience a full on rally sim The cars are a bit expensive but i happy with the default and my first buy The random track generater is awesome And finally a bug where the car becomes automatic in official races but its like changes the gear when its on the highest rev range of a gear which can be annoying. Its also poorly optimised so optimise it please.. Love it just not to give staes. Nice physic, even tyres get flatted.

Hopeless. Nice . Great game. The graphics are decent and the car mechanics are good. And I would like to thank the devs for adding controller support. One small bug, I had to reinstall because it did not register that I got the E license so I couldn't continue.. I've been playing this game since its release and I'm amazed by how far the game has evolved. Hopefully, more challenging stages be added into the game like snow, savannah, etc.. But is logging.

Best rally racing game on mobile.. Nice. The low grapics performance was to lag so giving 4 stars and the parts of buying car was decent. I've tried and played a lot of rally games on my phone, but I have to put this to first place because of car physics,graphics,controlling, it's really good game,no wonder why,I play carx drift racing and carx drift racing 2 and they are great too. Games great but it closes itself when I play it and I have to start everything again.

Haha Sat Kela. Op. One of the better shite in the Play Store I came across. Yet still not on par with my expectations.. I haven't seen the game yet but from what I can see from the pictures, it looks amazing.. Looks good is really good.

Fun game. Was very laggy and slow. Sick game. Finally found a rally game that really replicas the real world.. Not the best graphics but it's realy fun. Good game.

ukinam. Loving it. hhh. Absolutely love it compared to the others in the series, so much fun and seems super responsive.. can't wait to see more. i love the game.

Driving on a straight road is a very boring rally.. Nice game. . That graphics is awesome. I love the drifts.Its awesome and keep it up CarX technology.. Best racing game on android.

I like it but yaal need some better physics and turn calls . bagus. Actually a decent rally game. Doesn't look like a p2w game. Tuning prices are affordable and physics seems realistic. Accidentally found the game after long hours of playing RR3. So far I enjoy the game a lot. 6 months update: the longer I play, the more expensive the upgrades and cars are. Game requires a lot of grinding. But daily challenges are still entertaining.. I downloaded it and it keep crashing and won't let me play the first board. Nice game even better since i had the geinus idea to install it on my AndroPi (raspberry pi 4 running android 13) but it lacks optimisation like (this part will be understood by the devs of the game) if you made the game in C or C++ try using the "-Ofast" option in GCC/G++..

I can't buy cars this sucks. Nice. Bad game . Best rally game on mobile, really rewarding once you get good at the game. Great controls and a decent career mode, can't wait for the multilayer and future updates. Some of the best rally ge I have ever played and best graphics .

Carxsteet lonch deta?. Dev or someone please help...i.want to play and I've tried everything suggested !! This is carx drift all over again... It took 2 phones of which I always placed high, and now had to get it on console... So am I doomed till a console release?. Can't play, every time I get to the Google Sign in to start the game and sign in, I get an error message saying "Access blocked: has not yet completed the Google Verification Process", says app can only be accessed by "developer-approved testers". What's the deal? "Error 403: access_denied". This is a really good game, it's challenging and you can play it anywhere 5 stars instantly!.

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