Game Mobile - Updated on March 7, 2022

GTA 5 – Grand Theft Auto V is a parody of GTA 5 that you can play directly on your mobile phone. It sounds at least interesting because GTA 5 is an incredibly large-scale project. Therefore, you should not think that this is a complete copy. No, there are no missions, no map of Los Santos, and many other details. Even the physics, graphics, and everything else are significantly different from the original.

In general, Grand Theft Auto 5 is more like GTA Online. After all, the emphasis here is on arcade missions and the ability to ride/run a little on a homemade map (which are in GTA Online). And this is interesting because many aspects of the classic GTA are transferred correctly.

The physics of the car looks good, it is possible to run outside the car, shoot at pedestrians, and so on. In general, there are a lot of opportunities here. Separately, I would like to praise the graphics, which are made at a high level. And it’s not just about textures and polygons.

Now for smartphones, there are many examples of good graphics. We are talking about the animation of characters and the physics of their behavior. This looks unusual for a smartphone because, despite the good power of portable devices, there are an incredibly small number of normal games for them.

It is worth noting that on our website you can install a version with a mod for a lot of money. Yes, there are purchases inside the game, by type of cars and weapons (just like in GTA). And if you do not want to earn virtual money for a long and tedious time, you can safely use the modification. It will give you unlimited resources that you can use however you please. And this will not make the gameplay less interesting, because earning money cannot be called the main occupation here.

Download ( V5.0.21 )
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