Game Mobile - Updated on March 20, 2023

The Walking Zombie 2: Zombie shooter is the sequel to a popular project. The apocalypse has happened, alas, the predictions of horror film scientists and directors have come true. The old life is gone forever. But humanity survived, and children continued to be born.

Here the main character was born in the zombie apocalypse when bloodthirsty undead roamed the land. The only thing the character can do is survive in a new world full of dangers. He is surrounded not only by zombies but also by other dangerous monsters. Sometimes there are robbers. Everyone dreams of killing a man, eating him, or robbing him.

Mod for infinite gasoline provides a huge fuel supply, useful for many different purposes. Agility alone is not enough to survive. The hero needs to find resources: weapons for self-defense, and first aid kits to restore health. Every passing day increases his chances.

Soon, gamers will learn to recognize traps from afar, notice small details, connect resources, and improve items used. After all, his skills improved. The first-person perspective brings realism to what is happening. Players will feel the hero’s experience as their own. A long journey awaits him, where different people will meet.

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