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In a world where the demons and the evils of humanity wreak havoc, the superhuman ninjas shall rise to battle for the future of mankind! Command the attractive, extremely efficient ninja characters, battle terror, and crime the world over! Stylistic ninja characters in all their 3D-rendered glory! Meet the fabulous ladies of Taimanin fame!

Action Taimanin Mod APK 2.10.48 (Unlimited Gems)

After a few months I can easily say I enjoy this game quite a bit. I don't mind spending a few dollars here or there if something really catches my eye. The one addition I think the game needs is body sliders for taimanin. Some of the players prefer larger or smaller, thicker or thinner taimanin, and I think this game would be kind of perfect if that was a option so we could make taimanin more appealing to players. I would certainly be more inclined to spend a bit more if that existed. Thanks!. Game crashed and delited entire year of my progress.... I was a little sceptical about this game at first, but I really love it now! It definitely has some similarities with Kritika, which I also liked playing a lot. Edit: If the real currency shop wouldn't be that expensive (about 50$ for a character, weapon and skin) I'd actually buy something... Also, about 35$/month for a premium funcion seems too much as well. :(. Can't make anymore purchases if I can't login to my account . Honestly..... I need more character like Emily Simon that can automatically attack and soloing map.. Beautiful Gorgeous Sexy Game Good Game Action Taimanin Sony Acquiring Gremory Games Action Taimanin Mobile Coming Action Taimanin 2 Mobile Coming .

Edit : Stoop the new low with every game updates.The arena battle are even more ridiculous than before.Opted to click white flag rather than have to watch TRASH !!! . Removing Reviews isn't a good look Gremory, I'd think twice amigo.. What could be taking you guys so long. To fix something? It's been 3 day's. Since I played your game. Ain't this a.... You know what nevermind.. They still won't allow Annerose to be purchased with gems..

Looks great, no problem so far. I'm getting disconnected sometimes though or Automatically get out from the game.. Some reason this game won't load in for me. Why aina Winchester and shinohara mari not add become playable characters? Please add them.... I like the game,my only complaint is something everyone has complained about. the 4th skill slot behind a pay wall. it's quite literally gameplay limiting and having a monthly payment for it is ridiculous. it caters to the low .1% of players who actually buy it. you'd get people to buy other things easily if you didn't limit a core gameplay character function. no point in having so many skills to choose from but limiting them from the majority of players that play the game.. Edit again: 500 words won't be enough so I'll make it brief: crash mid-mission and often, diamond are so expensive and sacred that u'd rather spend on other char than trap cacha, most-voted char stuck behind paywall, rewarda are poor and now even poorer, most purchasable items are beyond pricy (near 60 bucks can get u good AAA games on pc, not worth for a fictional char).

I like the female characters that I'm using right now. I wish they had optical suits as well besides the first three taimanins. They need more outfit options that are like cybernetic soldiers. I'm disappointed that I can't play the Taimanin VR at my level. I was looking forward to have the threesome action going with my gals. I wish this was on console rated M for playstation, excluding PVP (I want PVE content only for singleplayer).. Found this game in the playstore after years! I used to love this game. And it seems like they updated it! From what i remember its is really fun! Definitely recommend. Very F2P friendly with all (apart from 1) characters that are bought with in-game gems that are earnt easily enough by doing simple weekly tasks, and lots of events that you should do as they give good supporters which means you never have to pull on a gacha banner even though you do get free pulls from doing the event stuff as well which are always on, also you get the strongest weapons from doing the pvp mode which is just AI controlled bots fighting each other.. Was able to update the game, but couldn't log in. It said "Validating data 04/03". Awesome game and graphics. I think it would be cool if the audio was dubbed in English ..

I really like this game wish there was more to do would be cool if you guys could extend the story line instead of it being just 18 chapters seems like the storyline is not complete. Also,wish my characters would greet me like they used to they do every now and then but not often anymore. more characters please thank you again for everything.. Charming. Frequent maintainance delays get annoying.. best hack slash rpg. with intersting story hope.we learn more of taimanin universe. fix ur update i have more space. Good graphics. I just wish it had more swimwear options for all characters..

very good game I like it. Great game.The fix for black screen at start up is changing device language to English.. Editing my review. The game is crashing in the middle of the mission, it happens in the Quest mode and event missions and even Arena. It's the worst kind of crash. The game just closes itself please fix this problem.. This game sometimes crash in the middle of playing please fix it in next update. The game is good but at random times the game will crash and close causing you to either have to redo entire mission or lose what you was in the process of doing..

A shockingly competantly made game despite having a very special origin material. Good voice acting, character animations, and runs better than anything else I played. The camera is your biggest enemy. You gotta fight it more than the enemies. There are some 2D segments that alieviate this though.. Camera control still suck. Bugging after the last update ( sometime cannot attack after dashing ). So i give you 1 star from 5 stars. Very dispointed !!!. Would be awesome if the devs would upgrade in graphics and gameplay a bit more. Guys don't let this game die off.. Too pricey. I bought 5 games for the price of 5 cosmetic items. I would have to be stupid to fall for the gatcha (Got you) system.. New p2w where you have to pay to get the characters.

Editing my review. Gonna give 1 star now. First of all, the game crashes in the middle of the mission. Nothing is fixed in any of your update. Second, for almost 2 years of playing. Gems that we get from missions and achievements are awfully LOW. Characters and Costumes are Ultra Expensive, can't enjoy the other heroes and my favorite costumes for them 'cause it takes months just to earn enough gems to purchase them. If this system doesn't change, then WE BETTER QUIT. THANKS!. I like this game lot I wish codes will be applied soon for free stuff and be able to purchase gacha tickets. Game is great alot of ways to advance in game only. And great art and gamplay.. the game is great, but it often crash. Love the game, anime is great. Also some very sexy characters..

It would be great if you guys add controller support. Awesome graphics and storyline.would be great if the conversation part is in cinematic mode and AP ,BP is unlimited. Alright gameplay and a decent amount of lore for the Taimanin world(at least one of it). Edit: the updates around Oct 2022 is causing the game to crash a lot. Customer support is non-existent with automated replies. By the time of this review update, I've sent three tickets and received the same replies. Reinstalling, etc, doesn't fix the issue.. This game brings me joy when i am feeling down pluse it never lags and grate graphics. 5 star for this game. Your game freezing up or crashing for some reason?.

I lost my data I can't even link with Facebook neither with Google play always says error trying to get my account back. I spent 90$ on the account..... In arabic phone system the game become black screen all the progress past 3years is over because of this error until it get fixed. Game constantly crashes on mobile (Galaxy Tab S8+). Everything is extremely overpriced, especially gems. $35-90 character/skin packs, $30 battle passes? Who do you guys think you are charging so much for a game that isn't even AAA? Scummy monetization tactics like having 3 hour gem "sales" when you reach certain levels with a character, that increases in price each time. Also, why on earth would you paywall a gameplay mechanic into a monthly pass? Make the 4th skill available to everyone.. Very Good! That all I can say!. This game stops after playing sometimes, And Iam facing this problem after new update.

I enjoy this game quite a bit. Love getting to actually play as some of my favorite characters from the series. There are a few gripes here and there. The occasional crash right before finishing a level is a bit annoying but not much else. Also the support team is pretty great. Had an issue where my game seemed to be lost and they got it back for me in the same day. Very much appreciated.. Very enjoyable. Some bugs you must fix Felicia who doesn't perform wave action or cheer. Frequent Game crashes after recent update. More costume for felicia. Update: I deleted it now. I will install when Annerose comes in gems. Bought Senran Kagura and I can just plah Honkai Impact as well instead of this. What the heck happened to this game? Why did it became so P2W? This is the worst 2 anniversary ever. Imagine making the most wanted character to be locked in a paywall? That's just beyond scummy.. Great HGame thanks to Haneame Cosplay. New update keeps crashing on events sucks when your doing the hard mode and you have to restart the missions all over again.

The game was fine and it still works fine time to time. The issue is that I got android 13 now and it crashes too much, it shouldn't crash on my device I have enough ram. The game crashed on me 3 times today or more. Please fix it. Crashes are not good.. Great until recent update. This most recent update has some serious stability issues. I've been kicked out of the game more today since the update than I have in the two plus years the game has been out. It's not my phone, it has plenty of power to run this game, but the update they just did.. I've been playing the game for a year now and it's quite fun, but after today's update it constantly crashes during time trial. Hasn't happened in other modes that I know of but that's because I'm still trying to get time trial to work. App is crashing a lot after the previous update. Men of culture we meet again.

Very good customer service on retrieving my lost account although I am a F2P player.. The game is really good and well made also having beautiful and strong waifus or girls though maybe it would be better if if u could be able to take a maximum of three characters in battle and also the in game purchases are very expressive please lower it. Tbh this is verry good smooth and entertaining the only prob is its kinda sad when u need to manually grind for resources it takes too much time specially when ur a beginner the only way to skip it is with the folder thing which is verry hard to get as a beginner it took me so much time and griding just to consume a thousand of energy it would also be good if yall at least have "auto" built for all heroes i just deleted the game after 3 days took me 5+ hours of grinding.... Been playing the game for 2 years now and as some stated, the anniversary was a disaster with less give away item and the death move by Putting a character behind paywall only. Its a lame move considering how their package are expensive already. Having both arena and Taima V is pointless IMO. Just remove one since it is the same concept anyway. It would also save us storage space that way. Also, the huge size on update are killing us. We want to be able to play the game and not mre character.. Definitely recommend but the only problem is that you have to update it so many times tbh if you didn't have to take so much storage and so much updates it would be a 5-star.

the game is good but there is little content for the f2p and also there are clothes that are exclusive and that is bad because there is no other way to get them. - Putting a character in only paywall was a backward move. Many games have disappeared by doing the same thing. - Getting tired of uninstalling and installing other game just to update this ridiculously HUGE sized game. What we need is to be able to play the game and not a lot of character which we can't even use because of difficult upgrade. At least make the game partly playable offline then. I have a game with similar size and it is partially playable offline so I know it can be done.. Good game it is not that bad. I've been playing the game for almost 2 years. I have a fondness for curvy anime ladies. Outside of that, the devs haven't helped my requests for support, and have ignored bug reports I've tried to send via different platforms. The gameplay is average, the monitization strategies are painful. I want this game to succeed, but as a player I've been sad lately.. Enjoy this game so much but minus 2 star because Annerose paywall.

This game is alright. The only problem is the in-game purchases are too expensive in my opinion. And the amount of gems we can acquire every week aren't that generous, considering the amount of gems needed to unlock a character and to gacha their weapon.. Good game, tapi kalau bisa harga annerose diturunin pengen beli tapi 700k kemahalan untuk 1 character. Game is not bad but it literally demands all of your phones memory to keep updating... I can't keep deleting important apps just because this phone needs a 5gb of free space just to preform an update when the game is only 3.5gb . So I recommend only playing this if u have a tablet or another device to play it on but not your main phone . BTW most of my apps are saved on my SD card.. Find a bug? Banned, doesn't matter if your Quality Assurance team is at fault. Stay away from this game if you value your time and money!. Have fun with game overall except when I'm playing for longer than 15 to 20 minutes The game freezes up and shuts down completely and I have to start over. Today, it no longer registers that I have an account on my phone. Not happy about that at all..

The entire game experience is boringly repetitive. You'll have to run the exact same missions everyday to farm up enough materials to level up your characters. The Taima-Five VR mode is just you having to babysit your AI companions because they are dumb as dirt and they don't understand the concept of survival. Equipping your AI companions with invincibility supporters doesn't help either because the AI will NEVER make use of them. The overall gameplay is just disappointing and dull.. Won't let me download even though I have plenty space. I like the game but it tends to kick me of the app some times go strate to my home screen.. The dodge to lagging that I take damage and the event with too many range attack on stage five are to hard clear with 25 or less hits. I like the combat and everything but i feel like it needs more fun stuff added like different game modes.

The world and the story are interesting enough but the gameplay itself is so janky. Characters regularly get stuck on broken bits of terrain and the enemies. Almost all of the enemies will do damage before their attacks actually reach the player character. The touchpad becomes unresponsive for a full 10s or more everytime you use a skill or ultimate. And the fact that enemies with super armor cant be stun/effected by special conditions while having 400ish health is too much. It feels incomplete. A lot of bugs found on VR5 and private room still a mess, Astaroth doesn't have a catwalk feature and and found a bug to get free items after the patch of VR.... Only cuz of that last bug I won't give 1 star. Usually great, but....I crafted a costume that required items that takes ages to obtain. Once I finished crafting the costume wasn't available to eqip. The customer contact form is horrible and couldn't be completed. Please fix this. Hi have been playing a while very like the game but cuz of my previous phone broke and I haven't link my acc is there any ways to get back my acc ?. failed purchase in game! google already release reciept but didnt get item , bad support and slow respond even i have email and contact in game.

I can't be sure if I like it or not. I can say that i like the game, for some reason the costume is way too much, maybe, for me at least, may be my problem is that this game dont have an auto mode for farming stage, there is an instant clear, but its limited, we have a place to put our taimanin, but its more like mmd thing, it need patience to use it, i hope we can interact more with our taimanin. Edit: My google play account vanished, i cant log in, kinda sad,. I tried to update for the latest patch, I Uninstalled and re-download it and lost all of my purchases and progress. Any help plz.. Excellent game, very entertaining. Would be helpful is the prices we're lowered to a reasonable amount. Paying almost $50 for a character or skins is downright pushing the fans away from the game.. Mantap. Karakter momochi nagi yang selama ini saya tunggu-tunggu akhirnya dikabulkan juga. Terima kasih developer sudah membuat game ini semakin menarik. Visual lebih baik, gameplay yang lebih exciting, apalagi penambahan UR magatama. Tetap semangat developer. Thank you very much!.

The game play is still good. I just hope that Annerose and any future new characters becomes available through in-game currency. I don't mind waiting for two weeks before the characters become available through gems, but having them only obtainable via purchase hurts a bit. I hope you put Fuuma Saika and younger Mizuki Shiranui as next playable charcters.. I like the game it also got new content. But I despise that Annerose cost 50 bugs and is the only character you have to pay for.. After update and reinstall, the game always force close and some voice of the character is missing please fix this issue. I lost my account due to the update so i quit. My new game But.. my game keeps shutting down. Also as a p2p player, i ask u, stop censoring the game cause that's the reason I left the last one. Like Shiranui's costume.

If u F2P or dolphin u might want stay away from this game, this game only for whale even get new char u need to pay.. Definitely game with pay wall. Kind of like dynasty warriors and clash of clans. Can be free to play but will take patience. If your going to purchase anything in game I highly recommend helping hands. Loads of cool and hot characters. Some fun modes to play. Overall great game.. Good game but crashes periodically on my S22 Ultra. Wish it had controller support like on steam or available for the Shield TV. Great game! Having issues getting kicked out while playing but not to the point where I would say I'm not playing it. Thank you developers!. Can't finish most content without crashing and having progress reset. Characters take a ton of resources to unlock giving a really pitiful char pool for the first few weeks..

Top up gems planning to buy Annerose, but... scam. Advice to others: Just download other better game that doesn't have a paywall.. This is the best game ever. This is a very good game to play and enjoy I'm having fun on it.. It won't let me install even though I cleaned my storage. Interesting character designs and all but other than that this game is incredibly linear just your basic point and tap mobile game gets dull very fast with simplistic combat and nothing really to note worthy to keep you interested..

Nice game sexy girls in here but some problem is bugs plss fix it thank. It is not letting me download the game because I don't have enough storage so I cleared some apps out and it still says that I don't have enough storage even tho I cleared more than what was needed and even tho it says there on the screen that it is "ready". Totally love this game super fun good visual direction art and desing of characters . I just want some petition Bring AT rpgx and pls made a open world gatcha like genshi impact we will support you day one and forever.

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