Codes New - Updated on July 26, 2022

Battle Empire: Rome War Game is a mix of strategy, building and warfare where you have to build a Roman city and fight against other players for control of the empire.

List of Gift Codes Expiration date
G5CV7YL04MQ September 9, 2022
78YTDH0KBS August 17, 2022
IMH87CAZY August 6, 2022
VHGC5AKJ0NM September 12, 2022
UH1GJIRSCFMK August 13, 2022
NERA064HDTS August 28, 2022

Send brave warriors to battle with real players and improve the defense of your possessions. The style of the wars in Rome and Sparta will delight fans of this historical era. Think over every action a few steps ahead, build a strategy to get around the cunning opponents and break their troops, laying the battle line. Organize the defense of possessions, and then crush the enemies. You will be like a great emperor like Caesar. Be careful, the game can be highly addictive! Download and test yourself on the battlefield!

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