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Braveland Heroes is an old-style mobile turn-based RPG method game and it will give players various experiences they haven’t had in several RPGs. In this game, the participant will develop right into a hero and adjust to the king’s identity to hold out a royal mission. The participant’s course is to recuperate royal artifacts which have been stolen by monsters. Royal Artifact is the Scepter of the King of the Seven Kingdoms, and it is of good price to the world. The king promised a generous reward to anyone who effectively restored it.

Braveland Heroes

STRATEGY mobile-based RPG on OLD mobile!

The participant’s journey should not be straightforward, and the participant ought to go round every nook of the continent to hunt out artifacts. Each continent can have plenty of enemies for players to battle, there are even extremely efficient Bosses with good rewards prepared at nighttime. Nonetheless, all utilizing the participant’s journey, the hero squad will regularly appear new members from fully completely different tribes and assist the participant’s energy.

The variety of races is a selected perform of this game, each race regularly has the principal energy, and they will affect certain types of enemies. Moreover, on this planet of the game, quite a few weapons and instruments can be discovered. Avid gamers cannot solely destroy monsters alongside how however moreover collect quite a few unusual weapons and instruments for heroes.

Braveland Heroes


Firstly within the game, the participant can choose certainly one of all three heroes and begin the journey. The combat is turn-based, nonetheless, what’s attention-grabbing about it is the hexagonal battlefield. The hexagonal battlefield has appeared in plenty of completely different games attributable to its tactical nature. With any such method, the character’s actions are additional versatile and would possibly assault in any route. In addition, players can create many different methods to care for various monsters. Each flip, the participant can switch your entire formation or use the movement. Nonetheless, each character can have a restricted difference of movement and assault differ, the difference in movement will rely upon the character’s stats, and the assault differ will rely upon the weapon.

Braveland Heroes

The hexagonal tactical ingredient is the highlight of this game. It was a breakthrough in turn-based method games that allowed players to freely create fully completely different strategies for each sort of enemy they’d been coping with. Or allow players to utilize specific talents additional precisely and flexibly as a choice to an sq. battlefield. In addition, boss battles allow the participant to maneuver throughout the battlefield to stay away from specific assaults freely. The gameplay of this game might be very straightforward and is cut up into many different issues ranges for players to experience. If players want to drawback their tactical talents, this game will probably be a perfect difference for them.

Braveland Heroes


The improved system on this game may also be very quite a few and rich, it permits players to enhance many different characters and might be very useful with low consumption. Weapons could even be crafted or upgraded to make the journey smoother. This game has plenty of points for players to seek out equal to secrets and techniques and strategies of the land, amassing the entire members on the continents, discovering forgotten weapons, and so forth. In case you’re ready for a journey then be part of and get the Royal Artifact and earn yourself an infinite reward from the king.

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