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Defense Legend 3: Future War is the third part of the famous strategy made in the tower defense genre. It has become even cooler and more interesting because it received an updated graphics engine.

Defense Legend 3: Future War
 Discount Codes (2023 January) 2.7.6
All Codes Expiration date
LU7FQ3JCV0H January 20, 2023
JY5RTM2VU8 December 4, 2022
K7I6CV8ET January 28, 2023
T1MG2KQEP7B December 12, 2022
CLIGWPQ697JH January 29, 2023
EGC52HTYIW1 December 30, 2022
1HGO4J2QRM3 January 24, 2023
UKG934XCDQ December 18, 2022
UQ3L598CE December 15, 2022
DTU1O4MR38J January 31, 2023
RY2XIT6ZCU30 January 8, 2023
ID3MLB4H7FK December 24, 2022

Get acquainted with the events that followed after the end of the second part. Then the dark forces were defeated and they left the world, but not forever. Now they are preparing for a new war and will be ready to rush into battle with renewed vigor. Get ready to hold off a new wave of enemies right now, using the best tactics. This gameplay combines several cool genres at once, so that players of different preferences will enjoy. Help your warrior to hold back the forces of evil and win every day. Every day, tons of players will connect to the real-time mode to compete with the best. You will be among them, so get ready to experience the pleasure. Management remains as convenient as before. Game features

  • A lot of fantastic enemies;
  • Hundreds of heroes and military equipment from the times of the future;
  • Unique gameplay and convenient controls;
  • Use of a variety of strategic techniques;
  • Story company with chapters and scenarios;
  • Vibrant visual effects.

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