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Earth, as we all know it, ‘s now on a path of destruction. A sky of regularly shifting colors floods in locations the place the rain by no means stops, and when the snow falls, it’s grey. All appeared misplaced till we found a mysterious portal. Our artists created many 3D ideas, and probably the most spectacular doorways made it into the sport. It is true. We challenged ourselves like by no means earlier than whereas making this recreation. Prepare for some epic and unforgettable surprises.

Doors Origins Mod APK 1.21 (Unlimited Money)

Lol the adventure never know what to unlock. Lisa Hill. This game is fun and challenging keep up the good work. awesome graphics & animation. beautiful game!. love it. Muito bom, designer incrvel e muito criativo.. A nice brain teaser with very artistic levels and an interesting feel..

Great game, but only eight levels before you have to pay to play . The game is great except that only the first 8 levels were free. Thereafter you have to buy the next set. It would have been a five star review. I ended up uninstalling. Shame because it's a truly beautiful looking game.. An excellent game that is smooth and responsive even on my junker sub-$100 phone. Has a vibe similar to The Room and Machinika Museum, which was exactly what I was looking for. Though interestingly I have one problem that I don't think I've ever seen before, the game screen is too tall, the top and bottom icons and buttons are cut off. I can just about access the home and menu buttons, and drag stuff out of the inventory, but I can't press or read the button on the bottom left.. Great Fun. I like the game but not that you get 8 levels for free. Then if you want go do more you have to buy the game. I am uninstalling today..

Very fun, looks beautiful!. I love this game the complexity and graphics are over the top especially for goggle app store games. Keep them coming. Thus game is a great puzzle game I'm pretty sure all the doors are different. But if you're trying to find a good puzzle game this ones pretty good.. Super. Awesome.

I love these puzzles so much!! The grafics are awesome and the retro of previous levels are extremely smooth if you do it right. 8 thumbs up . So much fun but not enough levels. That's the only reason not 5 stars.. I find this so much easier to play than The Room and other games like this. It's a really pleasant way to spend your time, working your way through each puzzle to open the next door. I'm playing this on gamepass so can't comment on ads.. Darn. Finished the game. Not many levels to play unless you want to buy more at $2.99 and up. Frigg'n cool graphics. So far I find this game intriguing. You need to find bits and pieces to complete the puzzle to open the door to go to the next level. A no rush game. Take as long as you need to find the objects to move to the correct spot. Once you gather all that is needed, the door will open and you move onto the next level to solve. If you can't, there is always a hint button.. This is addictive. Keeps the brain juices flowing. Love it!.

This game is beautiful!. Great challenge, but thanks for the hints.. Pretty cool. Really fun and Tricky . Asked for a review after 5 min..

Love searching on how to open the different doors. Nice game. Not a bad puzzle game. I don't really know that much about this genre, but it's definitely fun to sit and mess around with to kill time.. Very good game, much like the Room series. Very good graphics and puzzles. Recommended. Good graphics and change from the usual games.

Lovely graphics, beautiful puzzles, and sound that is very pleasing to hear when playing. :). Too short, but amazing. Beautiful . Really cool concept addicting. amazing game but no way to get to the other levels without paying $7 for others..

Great Game. Keeps Your Mind Active And On The Lookout For Ways To Open The Different Doors. Challenging But Not Too Much So..... Very cool. Super interactive fun 3D effects. The first two doors were awesome. For now, what I have played, I will give it 4 stars for a great first impressions start. I will update my review after several more doors have been opened. It's way too soon for a 5 star. Stay tuned.. Just begining and learning so check back.

I love it. It was hard to find the right thing for the place. This looks amazing and it is forcing me to rack my brain. Very quiet game Very hard to learn it well. Fun,fun,fun yeah this is a good mind game.

Creative, curious and perfectly made for mobile. Each door has so much care put into it, that they are fun just to look at.. Played 2 levels so far. No ads. Decent puzzles that were fun to figure out. Nothing impossible...yet. Have a feeling this may suck me in good.. Stupid & slow.. Enjoyable, good graphics.. Nice game if you enjoy a little thinking during game play. I know I do. Great for puzzle game and escape room enthusiasts..

Exciting and beautiful graphics. Some are very challenging!. Great fun so far. Interesting puzzles. Just enough hints to work out what it's about.. Would be better with more levels. Great game keeps you going for hours.

not really a puzzle game as there are no puzzles. you just collect obvious things then use them in obvious ways. Good challenging fun.. Relaxing and nice graphics. Full of finding the right place to rest in peace l I love it. Phenomenal. This feels like a passion project for somebody (or multiple somebodys).

I very much like cerebral puzzles like this one! however jumping behind a pay wall half way though kinda sucks . Loved the first one and was thrilled to see there were more.. Fun gets your brain working. Excellent, a good challenge. V. Pearce. Nice puzzle box game..

Very fun and exciting game. Love the puzzles. 5 stars. Fun puzzles to figure out, and help when you need it. Great graphics. Makes you think, but not so difficult it isn't enjoyable.. Amazing game. Good amount of challenge. Man i tell you what. So far after the first two levels i like it. The graphics are kool. Its not hard yet so we'll see if it gets harder as we progress. But definitely give it a shot..

Excellent first time game for a mature player!. Saw freya playing this on strm! good game!. Incredible visuals, difficult, but logical it pulls you in. This game is wonderful I really love the design and the little story that comes with it. Intriguing and enjoying.

Super mind relaxing game . Great game to make you think and use your reasoning skills.. I was immediately addicted to this game. I love this game but I am only able to give it three stars because there is definitely not enough levels! I finished this game within a few hours. I would love it if this game had many many more levels!. The 8 free levels were fun. Great game. A little more difficult would be better.

One of the few games that I will take the time to write and review, also one of the only games that I will be buying the rest of the available series. Fun and challenging. Not to difficult.. Great Graphics. Very entertaining game. The creators have tremendously imagination with regards to puzzle solving and graphics.. Very interesting and beautiful.

Quite a challenging game. I wish there were more free levels. The story/plot intrigues me so I might have to pay the $6.99 to play all the levels. Amazing graphics.. Sometimes hard. Great game. Wish there was more of it.. This is really fun and not so complicated that I can't figure it out and enjoy it.. I like the game. But me being me never read how to play,so it was so fun that give you no clues. And I had no clue how to play. Almost junked it but glad I keep it. Hope this helps. And read how to play lol donna.

Fun. So creative and different from other escape games!. Great fun!. Nice. Learning. Having fun..

So much fun. Relaxing, awesome 3-D graphics.. It's not very hard. For a casual press the next thing game it's pretty cool but I was hoping for something difficult. So far so good! . Rich!. Amazing! Best game I've played on Android by far..

Good app. So far, a really good puzzle game. Really enjoying it more than other similar genre games.. I'm giving this four stars simply because there weren't enough levels. The graphics, smoothness, and intrigue of playing got me hooked and before you know it, no more levels!!! I am certain this has to do with the complexity of creating such a magical and diverse game!!! Well done designers....I hope this app does well and I will get a new story level to explore and fascinate over!!!. Best game. Awsome graphics entertaining.

It's challenging but simple enough to finish each puzzle. Fun game. Fun nice graphics. Like this app . 5 stars, as for all, of your games.. Need to give more help getting things to finish each round.

Seems pretty cool so far, will update if there are any glitches or sneaky things. This is so cool!. Love this game. Awesome!. Unexpected complexity with satisfying completions!.

Superb. Not too hard but challenging enough.. Stay away, levels are super simplistic, take all of a half hour to complete. Then they want you to pay to unlock more. Ads on top of it all too.. Great fun and graphics. Need more levels!. Only reason it's not 5 stars is because there aren't many levels but the levels you do get are awesome, beautifully designed and just the right amount of challenge without becoming aggravating..

Challenging but enjoyable. Interesting puzzle game. I like the hint system. The first two puzzles have enough steps to keep the game interesting. I'llreview again in a few more levels.. Fun and satisfying game. the graphics. Inquisitive puzzle games that are fun and witty. Thanks for creating this entertaining app..

Amazingly beautiful! I need more levels and pack!. The graphics are matched only by the story. Fantastic!! LOVE IT.. Love it!. Love it!. Great looking game. Fun puzzles that aren't incredibly hard nor are they super easy -- nicely balanced and lots of fun..

beautiful game, solvable puzzles. Awesome . A lot of fun. A kind of myself way way back ago of my life. Antikythera world era.. Double skip ads >(Short). The hands on sensationthis game has is amazing. In one level there is electricity and the vibrate function was SENSATIONAL! I am addicted..... its 4:30am...... you get the idea. Absolutely fenominal! This is my new jam guys..

Very interesting.. Great game!!!. It won't even load. All I see is just a blank black screen. And I uninstalled and installed a few times now, and just won't work!. Really good game addicting. Wow this game works every part of your brain. So entertaining. Addicted to puzzle solving, this game is for you. Love it.

The Absolute Best Puzzle Game I Have Played So Far.... Excellent game. Keeps the mind busy. Fun game!. Just started... good so far.. Very relaxing and fun!.

Beautiful animations..fluid movement.. I wish there were more of these games.. Happily Engaging. Just got it. And opened 2 doors I like it alot.

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