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Rescue Cut is a well-liked Rope Puzzle game out there on each iOS and Android unit. The puzzle game is an enjoyable and mind-boggling game that retains gamers engaged for so long as doable. The game has been offered by pioneering Japanese game developer ITI Inc.


The Rescue Reduce game is, without a doubt, one of the easiest and most enjoyable puzzle games on the market. In this game, all the participant has to do is assist the fictional character or the person within the game. The game introduces the tied man at risk. The person had simply been confined in a sure room and he was additionally tied up. So the principal focus of the participant can be on rescuing this man at risk. You possibly can download the Rescue Cut mod apk to get Unlimited Coins.

Rescue Cut

Your function within the game can be to swipe the rope to free the person. You need to use your fingers to chop the rope relying on the place you are feeling will assist save the person. In any other case, he can be pinched to dying. After saving lives, you’ll be able to degree up on this game. Saving the person will turn tougher and tougher for you as they transfer ahead within the game.

You’ll require some expertise essential to free the person and likewise advance within the game. You can’t move to the following degree till they full one. You’ll win cash while you go to the following degree. This cash will decide your game degree.

Game Features

  • Easy Puzzle Game: Rescue Reduce is a straightforward puzzle game that gamers can clear up shortly. This is, without doubt, one of the funniest but most simple puzzle games on the market.
  • Consumer-friendly interface: The personal interface of the game could be very user-friendly. Gamers won’t work laboriously to play this game.
  • Thoughts Problem: Every degree of this game presents a brand new problem to the participant. This problem is what questions the participants consider as a result of solely the proper resolution can save the person’s life.
  • Straightforward swipe: This can be a very simple swipe game that each gamer likes to play any day.

Download ( V2.1.18 )
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