Game Mobile - Updated on September 24, 2022

Hotel Empire Tycoon will appeal to fans of isometric 3D economic strategic projects. The user will act as the owner of the hotel and inn, the main goal is to raise capital. Players are provided with 3-D graphics and a system of development, design, design, and distribution of responsibility.

Hotel Empire Tycoon (Mod Unlimited Diamond/Gems) 2.6.1

Start the game in one of the Hotel Empire Tycoon modes. Try the single-player campaign mode with over 50 missions or go on a free adventure. Get familiar with the interface and control panel. Set up a reception area and place attractive vases around. Think about aisles and aisles, build a bar and billiards, launderette, and rooms to store inventory.

Set aside separate areas for rooms and arrange furniture not only in them but in all other rooms and areas of your hotel. View your balance sheet finances and buy furniture, couches, lighting fixtures in the form of chandeliers and floor lamps, nightstands, cabinets, beds, stands, and more. Earn diamonds for completing quests and spend them researching high-end and luxurious rooms, unlocking previously inaccessible interior items and eye-catching decorative elements.

If you don’t have time and patience for gradual development, install a diamond and money-earning mod and create your dream hotel at lightning speed. Buy expensive furniture, build luxurious entertainment complexes, use expensive finishing materials. The complete story challenges and unlocks new development areas where you can build multi-story complexes with developed adjacent infrastructure.

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